Monday, 16 June 2008

Day 6: Hokkaido -> Tokyo

We had planned to go to Asahikawa Zoo (supposed to be the most famous in Japan, also recommended by my Japanese hairdresser) but changed our plans due to inclement weather. Flew to Tokyo earlier… i was a little disappointed but thank God we did that because our hotel Sunroute Shinbashi is so new (opened in April) that it isn’t even on the map!! We had much difficulty finding it in the day… imagine reaching there at about 11pm (our original time) when all the shops are closed and there is no one to ask directions and it’s cold…. Really thank God for protecting us ^^ tis a v cool business hotel with minimalistic contemporary interior décor.

Sunroute Shinbashi Hotel
Accessibility: 3* (Quite difficult to find)
Service: 4* (standard)
Amenities: 5* (got facial cleanser, cotton pad n bud, hairbrush)
Food: 5* (nice simple western breakfast)
Ambience: 5* (I like the slick design)
Sightseeing: 5* (what sightseeing??? I went shopping la!)
First stop I made is of course GINZA (one stop away)!!! It’s a shopping paradise… raided Mikimoto pearls shop, Itoya stationery shop (where I found my Namiki fountain pen at a much cheaper price -.- super bang), burberry BUILDING (5 storeys high) and Bic Camera ^^