Thursday, 19 June 2008

Day 9 (Last Day): Tokyo

1. Odaiba

We took the yurikamome train from Shinbashi to Odaiba, where the bay is, to look see look see. The weather was misty misty, sky not blue but it’s a v nice walk around, with all the boardwalks… nice views of the bay area and rainbow bridge ^^ Went up the Fuji TV Tower but because of the mist didn’t take many pictures. When we left, we saw three garung guys cleaning the outside of the dome 25 storeys high… wa… such a cool job, not for the faint-hearted or acrophobics. haha

Had Kurobuta shabu shabu (slurp!!! yum yum!) at Shio-Dome before heading to the airport to fly back home. It was really good... swish the paper thin slices in the boiling water, dip it in the Soba soup they provide and WA!!!! v v delicious ^^

Took this on the train so a bit blur but it's the nicest cos the rest are misty misty...

There was a chapel with a view of the bay and rainbow bridge... nice ^^