Sunday, 1 June 2008

Errant Employers

Read a newspaper article about an employer packing 54 workers into a 2-room flat by lining up 18 triple decker beds. the beds don't have mattreses, just wooden planks. packed like chickens. only difference is they're human. thing is the idiot tio caught the first time round n was fined a mere $2000 afterwhich he moved his workers to a place with WORSE living conditions to "punish" them for telling on him.


i am sure his children are ferried to school in his luxury sedan and his bedroom is probably bigger then the workers living quarters. some people got NO conscience "liang xin"... i feel v v upset when i read such news. how can one human being treat another human being this way? and how can MOM just fine this idiot $2000????!!! what's $2000 to him? his mistress' bag probably cost more than that!

chris think these idiots should be sent to jail and fined jialat jialat like $20k or $200k. i think he should not go to jail but made to stay with his family in the workers' quarters for like one year.


this B*ST*RD should really go eat shit n die.

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