Monday, 23 June 2008

HAIR- Raising

Today I had a hair cut...

me: dear, do u notice anything different?
chris: what? *admire his new DIAMOND phone*
me: -.-
chris: what? *continue admiring his phone*
me: u didn't even look at me
chris: er what?
me: *stroke my hair*
chris: oh u cut your hair?
me: -.- U. DIDN'T. NOTICE. -.- -.- -.- -.-
chris: *know he stepped on land-mine* sorry dear, her her... u cut your hair! ^^
me: -.- that day... west n claire came back from sheryl's place (the boarding place lady), she BRUSHED their hair, u NOTICED!
chris: *sweat blood* er... dear.... don't be like that la.... sorry sorry...
me: our children combed hair, u noticed, i CUT hair, YOU DIDN'T NOTICE!
chris: *try to pacify me* sorry la, don't be angry la...
me: next time i need to dye it RED is it? then u will notice...
chris: *try not to say something wrong*
me: or i must cut like your hairstyle, then u will notice?
chris: cut my style? then u will be v handsome like me!
me: -____________________________-|||

girls, next time cut hair, use his credit card, he will surely notice. oh, make sure u also highlight, perm, do treatment. e whole works. ya.

*breathe out fumes*