Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Hokkaido: Day 1

We arrived in Narita at 6:35am… darned… I missed sunset cos I took sleeping pills but managed to shoot this…

then we transfered to Haneda and flew to Chitose... what a long flight... yawn... stretch...

1. Otaru
A quaint little town peppered with various craft and souvenir shops. Stop at Minami Otaru station, come out, turn left and walk down. Worth visiting is the Music Box Museum and shop (with the famous clock tower, see pic) where you can find exquisite music boxes of all shapes and sizes. Once you enter, you can hear the tinkling of music in the air and it feels like you’re in fairy-tale land. Another interesting place is the glass factory where some of the finest glassware can be found. I bought a lovely sake flask and twin-cup set with sakura design… so nice ^^ can’t wait to use it.
We had Yubari melon, one of the sweetest melons I have ever eaten which is also v v pricey at SGS$60 in Meidi-ya or isetan supermarkets at home =P seems like it’s yubari melon season now ^^ slurp! There was also grilled bi-colour sweet corn but I was too full to eat =P
The sushi in Otaru is supposed to be v fresh as it’s near a port so we stopped by for a snack of uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), sake (salmon), toro (tuna) amaebi (sweet prawn), hotate (scallop), tarabagani (king crab) sushi…. Chris had tarabagani soup… Yummy!
Otaru canal looked much nicer in the posters as it was shot at night but we didn’t want to miss the train so left before sunset. There was this uncle taking photos for people at a fee… he used a Canon 1D… wa… drool.
Dinner was ramen! ^^ Sapporo ramen, one of our favourites… yum!

2. JR Tower T38
Went up the T38 to catch the nightview of Sapporo.. so difficult to shoot pictures because of the ambient lights within the viewing gallery and the fact that it’s enclosed (with glass windows) unlike Umeda Observatory where it’s open.
Stayed at Century Royal Hotel, which is connected to the JR Sapporo station via an underpass so it’s really convenient. Comprehensive range of toiletries too… hairbrush, haircomb, shaver w cream, face wash and even nail-polish remover! And yes, a tiny TV in the bathroom where u can soak in the tub while watching TV ^^