Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hokkaido: Day 2

1. Odori Park
Flowers are beginning to go into full bloom in Hokkaido so it was a v nice stroll down the park. Nice to sit down for some ice-cream or have a picnic there ^^ we chatted with a friendly Japanese lady for a while. She thought we were there for honeymoon LOL.

2. Noboribetsu Onsen
stayed at Dai-ichi Takimotokan which is one of the biggest establishments in Noboribetsu. I don’t normally like big big ryokans but given it’s convenient location, free shuttle service (2 hr ride with one rest stop, from Sapporo bus terminal platform 4 at 1400 hrs; reservations for seats may be made via email) and 7 different hotsprings, it’s a decent place. Otherwise, I’d much prefer the exclusive type… quiet quiet, not so crowded ones…
wa! cheong onsen cheong until siao man… there were like 7 indoor pools and 4 dotenburo (outdoor pools), a total of 7 types of hot spring water claiming to cure every ailment in your body from headaches to shoulder ache, backache, skin problem, digestive problems to preserving youth and beauty… u name it, they’d have a pool suitable for u. of cos, I tried all LOL. They also have the waterfall type to TATATATATA massage your shoulders, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and ankle-deep wading pools where the outer path is hot and inner path is ice-cold (kinda like the thalasso hydrotherapy pools)… supposed to improve blood circulation but be warned… you’d feel a tingling sensation in your feet… toiletries wise…wa! Shiok ah… besides the usual, they have cleansing oil for face, collagen or charcoal face wash, peeling gel, collagen or charcoal pumice, sake essence, collagen toner, lotion, hair essence, … HWA! My skin never felt smoother… I so need to LIVE in japan… LOL
bought loads of onsen powder for myself and the girls (grace and ling ling, not sure if pris has bath tub) hee hee… but hor... buay tahan... got one singaporean aunty (i know cos of the way the family spoke) was scrubbing herself with a towel IN the hot-tub... wa liao... so gross...

Oh... do visit the Jigokudani (Hell Valley... the Japs call hot spring sources "hells")... especially at night cos it's v v nice ^^ on Fri and Sat, there is some ritualistic dance n fireworks display (which we missed cos we were there on a thu...) our hotel is just a 5 min walk away from the Hell Valley... v convenient.