Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I Hate Pests >.<

I think most people (especially boys) will have killed a poor animal when they were kids because either they were naughty or it was a freak accident.

one of my friends had a hamster and he once threw it up in the air then caught it in his palms... he though it was really fun and kept doing it. but sometimes, our estimation is not 100% perfect one so on the last throw, he missed the catch and the poor furry creature plunged nearly 2m to its death. when he recounted it to me, he still felt bad about it... haiz...

well, i have once "tortured" a lizard... i am not afraid of cockroaches and will dare to grab it by its feelers but when it comes to lizards, i totally freak out... maybe it's cos my mum told me if the dislodged tail jumps into my ears, i'd go deaf -.- diao... so one day i saw a lizard in the bathroom and from previous experience, i know that lizards ain't afraid of Sheltox or Baygon.. i needed a quick way to kill the lizard effectively without getting too close...

so i went to boil water *evil grin*

i held the kettle in hand, squat down, edged close enough not to startle it then *evil grin* poured the hot water to "cook" the lizard. it died instantly.

i hate pests... >.<