Sunday, 1 June 2008

Korean Drama

Lately since i am on leave, i have been cheonging korean drama (i can watch like 6-10 episode a day) and boy, it's such a weepie! there'd be this tissue box with a MOUNTAIN of of wet tissue balls in front of me... chris feels i cry until like i know these people personally LOL

one thing i love about korean shows is that they really tug at you heart strings and when the guys profess their love, they always sound v poetic. they are always v v "chi qing", they'd be in agony when the love of their live is in agony, they'd like cannot eat cannot sleep if cannot be with the girl. they're super gentle... most of the time handsome and rich ta blah ta blah... the couple always has their special music, special place, special item of love, special moment etc... but they seldom have premarital sex one (unlike american shows which are so decadent). it's at most a kiss on the mouth. the female lead always gets the love of the guy she loves... there'd be this other guy who also loves her but she bochaps him. there'd be this other girl who loves the male lead but he bochaps her. the characters are always v artistic one... architect la, drama student la... n the one i am watching now "Huang Zhen Yi" about a courtesan and her sad love life, the characters are super poetic, super talented one.

there was one scene where the girl danced for the guy in this really scenic place and he was like machiam mesmerised the conversation went something like this... imagine that it sounded much more poetic in mandarin and i believe even more so in korean...

guy: can u not dance?
girl: why? do i not dance well?
guy: no... it's not that... it's... TOO BEAUTIFUL. i do not wish that you to dance this way for others

when he died, she stopped dancing... diao.

then the bad people are super bad u want to shred them alive kind but u know that in the end, good will triumph over evil and the star-crossed lovers will have a perfect ending. either they end up together forever or both die (and hence are together forever in the after-world).

amazing fantasy... that's what captivates me.