Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Model Husband

Read an article about "heavenly king" aaron kwok who is super giam siap with his gf until she buay tahan, broke off w him. according to her friends, he had never even given her an egg... but he has an impressive collection of ferraris, porches etc... he doesn't even give her birthday card -.-

Not noticing my change of hairstyle aside, I think Chris is an exemplary husband. I never had to worry about finances cos he takes care of everything (donno if he uses excel spreadsheets =P) so he'd say, buy this, invest in that n i just sign my name... and we have been travelling quite a lot, almost all the time sponsored entirely by him. everytime i want to contribute, he'd say, "it's ok, dear." he will save save on himself (er... except when it comes to electronic gadgets) but splurge on me or at least allow me to splurge on myself... and he is the one who always thinks about retirement, whether we'd have enough money... try to ensure we won't grow old and starve... he makes the big decisions... i am v gong gong about finances one... i'm the one who never thinks...

me: "dear dear, shall we have a kid? my nieces r so cute!"
chris: can't afford, plus, it's painful?
me: oh ya

me: dear, shall we buy a unit here? *point to cairnhill condos*
chris: can't afford

me: if i learn driving will u upgrade to BMW??? ^^
chris: can't afford
me: oh... mini cooper?
chris: can't afford

without chris, i think i'd be in debt cos i have the tendency to spend without thinking... which is v bad. so... hm... i need to be more aware... cos recently we talked about retirement and i realised... if i don't become more aware... wait grow old... starve er...


he may not be the most handsome, romantic or sensitive... but he shows his love by providing me with security for the future and pampering me but within our means. thanks dear ^^