Friday, 27 June 2008

Nikon D300 - $20.99!!!!!

LOL.... *choke choke* hahahaha... my colleague Mr T... is v v funny... LOL hahahaha!

ling: eh vincent, the other time they upgrade your house, how long did they take ha?
vincent: more than 10 days...
ling: oh so how ha? you have to open the door for them?
vincent: no... i just leave home for work and leave my door open! haha
ling: wa! so daring! your valuables how?
vincent: haha... don't know...
ling: i heard some worker took an ah ma's radio... ah ma's radio they also want to take leh!
me: but vincent's things r so high tech they won't know how to use so won't steal la! LOL
T: oh... if it's me hor... all my cameras everything... i go n put price tag... $20, $30... they see so cheap they don't want to steal... can make even more realistic... $20.99!
me: WA! i want to buy... i want to buy! your camera $20, $30? i want i want!
ling: i also want! sell me one leh! $20!

hahahahaha... Mr T is totemo kawaii ne! ROFLMAO!