Sunday, 1 June 2008

No Need Passport

last night we had dinner with the cell group people n CY n ling brought their american friend M. M's wife is not here cos she doesn't have a passport. well, it's not uncommon for americans not to own international passports cos their country is SO BIG they'd probably not be able to finish visiting their own country! they can see niagara falls, mount rushmore, grand canyon etc etc... n i bet shopping in NY is quite good ^^

singapore... it's a totally different story... where can we go?

east coast park -.-
zoo -.-
bird park -.-
botanical gardens (ok, this one's nice)


sentosa -________-|||

chris says now got one more -----> pedra branca! LOL

ya lor, we so NEED to have international passports otherwise we'd be so sian...