Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Phi Phi Puke

I read my friends CY and ling's blog entries about their trip to phuket (pronounced poo-ket... we have heard some ang mos pronounce it most profanely when we were there -.-) and am reminded of phuket. i love phuket... v idyllic and i LOVE thai food ^^ but one v amusing incident happened on our way to Phi Phi island... we took a speed boat and because it was v v windy that day, the waves were v choppy so the speed boat bumped it's entire 1.5 hour journey to Phi Phi. needless to say, i (v susceptible to motion sickness) was one of the first to puke. then others started puking. and we puked n puked until we ran out of bags and we all were just puking in ONE bin... super gross... the first time i dashed to the bin, i lost balance and chris n another ang mo guy grabbed me and i accidentally puked on the guy's arm. he must have -______-||| but was v nice about it... just wiped it away w his other hand! haha... gross... and there was this uncle who refused to puke in the bin with everyone else so decided to just hang his last plastic bag, handles over ears, over his face!!! LOL he looked super comical sia... once in a while he'd puke into it n i bet he was breathing in puke fumes =P

the best part is... when we FINALLY reached phi phi, it rained! best... -.- haha

haha... it was quite an experience... i still like thailand la. chris n i both do cos the food is great, it's affordable n service is excellent. we'd probably go back again.