Sunday, 8 June 2008

Thoughtful Gifts

Recently I received two v thoughtful gifts...

1. HJ has left to join another company so we had a cosy farewell dinner with him on Thursday. When he was around, the 5 of us (CC, TF, HY HJ and me) would have lunch together almost everyday and HJ, HY and myself will bring our own lock lock boxes to "ta bao" the food to eat in the pantry (cos it's cooler there). So HJ gave each of us a lock lock box with a pair of fork n spoon and a hand-made personalised card... wa... gan dong nei... so thoughtful... imagine what he does for his gf ^^ will really miss HJ. he is a really nice guy n i think he is v good at his job so it's my company's loss... sighs

2. today, G gave me a japanese cuisine cookbook ^^ wa! i v like ^^ although she feels that she didn't wrap it nicely, i think she put in effort so i felt v touched ^^ love the note too... thanks for remembering me.

Gifts don't have to be expensive (of cos i don't mind diamonds, mikimoto pearls, dior earrings, tiffany, apple anything etc... keep them coming ^^) but it shows when the person has put in effort and i feel v touched by the thought.

thanks people ^^