Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

This verse applies to God, some humans don't follow this rule...

Case 1: Someone at work
I asked SOMEONE a simple Y/N question over sms and his reply?

"Read your email"

I was like WT??? the reply is as simple as typing a few keys on his phone. he asked me to "check email" so i got to take out my Macbook, launch Safari, go to email page, type in userid and password and read his ONE LINE email.

Da Bian.

Case 2: Someone at home
I asked SOMEONE how to make sure the presentation on Gabrielle comes out properly (i have a presentation tomorrow)
SOMEONE: TSK! the other time i showed you already!!! you never listen!!!
me: i did... i just forgot... so ask again...
SOMEONE: I showed you before! *show attitude*

my IT is cmi one... and i have bad memory... the last time i used it was in Feb... now Jul le... i forgot le ma...

feel so hurt...