Saturday, 26 July 2008

Food Review: Song Fa Ba Kut Teh ****

After my foot reflex, we swung by opposite The Central (Clarke Quay) to try the ba kut teh which chris colleague recommended. ordered pig's trotter, kiam chai, cai xin, peanuts and of cos, ba kut teh. i also ordered chinese tea.

i love the chinese tea cos it's the authentic zisha pot type with tiny cups so it's like drinking in a chinese tea house. so shiok! ^^ the pig's trotter is really good too... you er bu ni (fatty yet not greasy) and plenty of lean parts for me to eat. the peanuts are braised to a soft yet lightly crunchy perfection. giam chai and caixin are nice. but i felt the ba kut teh was a tad too peppery... would have preferred it more porky and less peppery.

on the whole, it was a satisfying meal and i told chris, it will be even more perfect if i can finish it off with a bowl of ah balling (glutinous rice balls in peanut soup), ou nee (yam paste with pumpkin and ginko nuts) or oshiruko (japanese pureed red bean soup and soba balls)... hahaha... three of my favourite asian desserts (after bird's nest of cos).