Monday, 21 July 2008

Fried Bao

This morning when i was about to leave home, i received an sms from HY...

HY: ey, your air freshener can use anot? my bao chao ta...
me: ha????? ah yo.... can. fill w water, add the solution.

n i couldn't wait to hear his explanation. when i arrived, i screamed, "HY!!!! the whole place is so stink!" he pai seh-ly said, "sorry sorry"

apparently, he was trying to steam his bao in the microwave. he added A FEW DROPS of water on the top of the bao and left it in there for 3 MINS!!!!! *slap forehead* cos that day he saw me steam shrimp toufu and broccoli and i taught him how to do it but i SPECIFICALLY told him to PUT A CUP OF WATER in there... he went to put A FEW DROPS OF WATER...

so when i arrived, wa!!!! the whole office smelled chao ta... KG giggled and said: "i could smell it from downstairs before i came in..."

uncle, a cup not = a few drops -.- and common sense says bao don't need to microwave for 3 mins! diao diao diao.

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