Saturday, 5 July 2008

Under The Weather


My mangoes have arrived
It's weekend

But i am SICK!!! throat infection, blocked nose and body ache


doc: *peer into my throat* hm... throat infection... right side v red
me: *darned* oh... so i can't eat mangoes?
doc: of course not! if you eat it you'll surely cough! why? nice ah?
me: ya, i waited one year... pakistan mangoes... harvest only once a year..
doc: then keep two not so ripe ones eat it when u r well la =)

chris came home...
chris: so how r u feeling?
me: oh... doc says i must watch lots of TV and eat lots of mangoes...
chris: *look suspicious* are you sure that's what he said?
me: =D

i told the doc to "give me something that will knock me out" and i think he overdid it =P i went home at 3 plus, showered, took medicine, got knocked out til dinner time... printed some photos for family and zonked off at 9 plus and slept til 915 this morning =P power...