Monday, 21 July 2008


i think my colleague HY is a vampire...

today TF, HY and i were eating jap food and after a while i realised the edge of HY's disposable soup spoon was red...

me: YEE!!! how come your spoon is red???
HY: oh... her her.. i think it's cutting my lip (and HY has v thick luscious lips)
me: YYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! you mean you're bleeding????? as you're eating it's cutting you???? *squirm*
me: her her.... think so!
me: YYEEEEE!!!!!!!! *whole body kiu up*
HY: ner mind la, just eat lor!!!!

-______-||| that fella was drinking his own blood with his katsu karee don! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!! so gross!!! so gross!!!!