Monday, 21 July 2008

Wonder Woman

As you all know, pris and i went for 5km SHAPE run yesterday. We were supposed to meet at 630 am to share cab there but i woke up a bit late she called my mobile, called my home, called chris... so kan cheong haha... then i told her to wait at A she went to wait at B and i didn't bring my phone so i was gong gong waiting at A while she was at B... wait wait wait... then i run back home to check my phone and call her. by the time we left our place, it was almost 710. flag off is at 735... if miss flag off, all the best liao... cannot join in. it will be such a joke, to wake up early on sun, take a cab down and then take cab back without running! haha... but thank God we made it.

well, we had to Q up for toilet (those portable type) and while Q-ing these two CJC kids came up to interview me for ProjectWork... ah yer... nowadays the gin nahs are so on the ball, sunday also do ProjectWork! then 5 mins later, another pair from the same group (i think... cos it's same project) wanted to interview me again! there were 8000 people... what's the probability of getting approached TWICE? LOL... maybe should buy 4D with my running tag number... LOL

so the 10km run went off 5 mins before ours and then it was our turn to run... we ran ran for like 10 mins (around 1/4 of the 5km total distance) and we saw an ang mo wonder woman on her way back from the 10km run!!!!! is she human????? we all =O ??? couldn't believe it. power. i think her timing for 10km is less than 20 min.

felt really great after the run and reached home at around 930. i like to 7 early 8 early wake up and do a lot of things then have the whole day to nuah... haha...