Friday, 29 August 2008

Right Shampoo

rmb that time i said i found ONE strand of white hair (actually not i found, CC found)?? i think it was because i used the wrong shampoo nei... that shampoo (i won't mention the brand cos scared wait kena sue) also made me lose some hair =( i felt my parting line is getting thicker and thicker =( so i changed shampoo...

been using Loccitane's shampoo for dry and damaged hair for a month now n am v pleased w the result. it contains three types of essential oils (angelica, lavender and geranium) so i feel my hair is cleansed yet not stripped dry. then i apply loreal elseve's leave-on conditioner and lightly blow-dry. today i went for a hair cut n the hairdresser said my hair is v thick and full and the quality is quite good! ^^ so i guess the shampoo worked! btw the new improved formula has two additional essential oils: ylang ylang and patchouli $33 for 300ml.

nice, i like ^^

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ring Ring (Part 2)

hello people, ya ya one more thing. PLEASE keylock your phone! -.- sometimes i get missed calls from my friends and when i call back they sheepishly apologise, " oh sorry sorry, think i pressed accidentally... =P" -.-

or i will pick up the phone and hear you talking to other people la, driving in the car w layleo on la... -.-

thank goodness i have free incoming from 7am to 7pm -.-

i pity the guys called Aaron.. =P hope they have free incoming too!

Ring Ring

Hello people, when u call me on my mobile, kindly gring gring for a longer period cos i normally throw my phone into my handbag and every time i will fish n fish for my phone but when i finally get it, you hang up le -.-

everybody pls cooperate hor!


Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The club is going to Vietnam for a photography trip and boy is the itinerary from hell =P

6D5N, 3 nights at 3 different places, 2 on overnight train... overnight train how to sleep siah?????? gling glong gling glong... -.- n first day reached Hanoi le go jalan jalan then board overnight train liao... NO CHANCE TO SHOWER!!!!!! aahhhhh!!!! n dono whether the train beds clean anot... should i bring bedsheet and pillowcase? hm...

chris learnt the hard way NEVER to take night flight w me (unless really bopian as in there is ONLY night flight like our hokkaido trip) cos i normally can't sleep de and yeah he tio, once bitten twice shy

ann without sleep = lioness with severe PMS

so since then, he'd gladly fork out one extra night hotel stay... he thinks it's v worth it.

plus got to trek here trek there... w camera gear nei... n my gitzo is light hor mind u, i donno about the rest (think of who's gonna carry the green tripod =P). that time shoot NDP fireworks, i carried tripod, 400D, 50mm f/1.8, 15mm fisheye, 15-30mm wide angle, water bottle te blah blah and foldable chair siongs siah... went kenko wellness my ah kim said, "u carry v heavy thing ah?" wa, jackpot.

talking about trekking, i don't have proper attire and shoes!!! GAH... n it's gonna be cold... cold weather i normally wear thermal undies, woollen/cashmere pullover, stockings, woollen skirt or dress, boots, trenchcoat, woollen/pashmina scarf... like that how to trek???? i can't wear trenchcoat go trek because 1. buay ngum 2. wait dirty... n i don't feel like buying trekking gear cos i probly won't use it again... i also don't want to look lok kok... how nei... plus trek how to carry luggage??? need back pack... AHHH! backpack behind, camera bag in front. in the words of grouch, i'll be like an elephant... can i pay for a porter ha? i'd even pay for an elephant k... i like the idea of going to a village cos i think it'd be v interesting but need to trek so siong meh...? so i think i can't bring pillow le. melody says she will stay at home to look after west n claire... thaddeus may want to go cos he thinks it's v quaint.

i need to write will before going le... sheesh. hope my photos turn out nice though then at least got legacy... and then really the headlines will read Photographer died of exhaustion... for hobby...

Monday, 25 August 2008


i watched a sad show today... The Age Of Innocence... starring Michelle Pfeifer, Winona Ryder and Daniel Day Lewis, directed by Martin Sorcese...

Newland Archer (Daniel Day Lewis) is engaged to May Welland (Winona Ryder) but falls deeply in love with Countess Ellen Olenski, May's cousin who just returned amid social scandal having just separated from her husband. Social protocol tears them apart for 30 years... when they finally had the chance to meet (he was 57 then, May had passed away), he chose to walk away...

v v sad...

then i listened to sad song...

then i cried and cried...

v v sad now... v emo...

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hanabi 2

btw, i forgot to mention that the anticipation of WHERE the blooms will occur really kills you sometimes. the first few bursts were ok, still in frame but then when they got higher ah!!!! faster reframe reframe! so i zoomed out then they went even higher and higher so i switched to portrait mode... but it's so unpredictable so i was grumbling to CY...

me: wa biang, need to have TWO cameras! one landscape one portrait, one left hand one right hand.. then you tatatata click left click right like play PSP like that! LOL

next year we gonna try merlion spot... i'm gonna borrow my cousin's 5D n fisheye lens kekeke. hope he also has a tripod and cable release ^^

last night while viewing our pics with the Bible Study group, CY remarked...

CY: i wonder how those guys shoot with prime lens* !!! LOL

(*prime lens cannot zoom in zoom out one)

talking about prime lens, that time my colleagues wanted a group shot with our Japanese visitors so the tour agent offered to shoot for us but i was using my 50mm f/1.8 and he tried to zoom but cannot... so he thought my camera lousy... LOL

Friday, 22 August 2008


Hana - flower
Hi - fire
Hana + hi = hanabi = flower fire = FIREWORKS!!!! WOO.. HOO!!!!

boy was i excited about tonight's shoot. CY smsed me 7 early 8 early...

CY: so ann we'd be reaching there around 4 and you can walk from the MRT station... should be able to find unless there is construction or weirdos already camped there early!

after reaching home from work at 3pm, i was so totally wasted that i zonked off... comatose... completely unconscious... if not for my alarm, i'd probly sleep til donno when... LOL so when i was packing my stuff... CY smsed...

CY: wa, spots are filling up already! unfortunately, there ARE weridos already here!
ann: kk, i coming... wat to tell taxi uncle?
CY: one marina boulevard...
ann: chope place for me ha!
CY: my butt only enough to save small space...
ann: lie down lie down!!! LOL
CY: ling is still parking so i am alone
ann: lie down pretend to make snow angels!!!

so i cheonged down in a cab. smsed roger in the cab...

me: oei, faster go, spots filling up liao!
rog: i know, i can see from my office (rog works in OUB building)

received sms from CY...

CY: alamak... raining...


taxi approaching... water droplets on the windshield...

uncle: wa... see the dark clouds... going to rain v v heavily and for v long later...
me: -.- *uncle, u never brush teeth*

and after turning round n round for like donno how many times and talking to ling on the phone for directions, finally found CY n ling... when uncle dropped me off...

uncle: orh! u come here take photo ah?
ann: ya, tonight got fireworks ma...
uncle: orh... *siao ah... raining nei*

ann: -.- taxi drivers should KNOW this place. next time i should be able to just say "uncle, the shoot fireworks place at one marina boulevard!" -.-
CY: cover your ball head cover your ball head! don't want it to rust!

so i whipped out my kyoto new miyako hotel shower cap (tis a good idea to steal shower caps from hotels for such emergencies) and wrapped it around my ball head... everyone there protected their equipment with their lives... it's ok to get wet, as long as the equipment is dry ^^

wait... wait... wait... (it was going to be a 5-hr wait), CY and i

>.> benro
<.< manfro
<.< slik


nothing to do ma, so beo other people's gear lor...

CY: i think i saw a gitzo on the left...
ann: is it? <.<

kk... chit chat chit chat... cam-whore a bit w ling's PNS camera... ^^

CY: anyone for squatting?? =D

so the 3 of us squat down and interlaced our umbrellas for greater protection... the winds were quite fierce and chilly... we talked about being struck by lightning for our hobby... and i felt like a giant light bulb for CY n ling cos he blogged that during NDP when they shared one umbrella, ling felt it was v lomantik... LOL

the group on our left which CY described as "army trained" pitched a tent with their groundsheet, hid under w their equipment and later even played PSP and took out their laptop!!! LOL

then there were those persistent, damn determined lone rangers like that uncle with the cutesy batz batz maru umbrella whom CY recognised to be from NDP... admire them. if i was there alone in the rain, i'd have given up liao...

but then i told CY..

me: i die die also must shoot something tonight! this is my second attempt! (read my first failed attempt here) must show chris otherwise he'd laugh at me for being crazy...
CY: well, if it doesn't turn out well, i can pass u some of my NDP pics n u show them to chris... just make sure you change the exif data from D300 to 400D!!! ^^

then ling n i went to toilet. also bought some snacks for dinner... i had a SUPER oily and not nice beef pie that cost an arm n a leg *grumble grumble* and SUPER giam and sour sea salt and vinegar kettle chips and not bad hot choc... thank God that when we emerged from the building, the rain has stopped ^^

i was changing my lens when CY commented...

CY: you should switch off your cam before you change lens...
amm: why nei?
CY: tell you later... quick... switch off...
ling: is it you will get electrocuted?
CY: *serious tone* worse than that
ling: *gasp* what can be worse than getting electrocuted???
me: kk... *scared* why ha?
CY: cos if you don't switch off the sensor is still on so dust particles get attracted...
ling: ???? and that's worse than getting electrocuted??

LOL... photographers have weird sense of priorities!

the crowds started streaming in and we felt thankful that we had "first row seats" =D roger was too busy at work so decided not to come... hm =(

shoot the cityscape a bit... test test...

there was this ang mo guy on our right...

CY: *whisper* is that a gitzo??
ann: benro. i beo-ed it already! =D

and this ang mo was giving directions to his japanese friends who i believe were lost in the MRT station...

ang mo: eki kara exit J... e.... migi wa one raffles quay... ichin ban takai biru... hidari wa NTUC biri aru?? (from station, take exit J, right is one raffles quay, tallest building... left, is there NTUC building?")

they like machiam ding dong ding dong for more than an hour before his japanese friends arrived. even we felt happy for them that they were FINALLY reunited LOL!

i walked around shoot shoot a bit... caught this shot which i feel fits the seventh month theme v well LOL! hm... did i actually see these people??? should have put on a hantu filter LOL...

then ZHNG!!!! from the floating platform, they shone stupid floodlights to our right!!!! GAH!!!! pls switch that off la idiots! like that how to shoot later! all my pics will turn out like this (see below)!!! @#$@!

CY: is it to punish us for not buying tickets?
me: LOL

then they rotated the floodloghts to FACE US!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

CY: *calmly* i'm still hopeful they'd dim all the lights ^^

so we were like all set, sitting on our chairs waiting waiting continue beo-ing other people's gear... the guy beside me used an L-plate on his tripod...

me: *whisper* wa, wat's that?
CY: L plate
me: oh? is it cos he just started learning photography??
CY: -__________-|||

no la, that guy mounted TWO cameras on the L plate...

then there was this joker behind us with a BULB!

CY: why does he need that???

diao... tis the occasion to take out all your stuff to show off LOL!

wait... wait... wait....

me: *pretend to look up the sky and shout excitedly* AAHHH! lai liao lai liao!!!!

CY and the guy on my left (L plate guy) sprung up straight and held their cable releases, ready get set!

me: LOL hahahaha.... (i fake one la)

CY: chey... -.-

me: thought create some suspense ma! LOL

so finally we heard the crowd on the floating platform counting down...

THREE...! TWO... ! ONE... !

floodlights OFF!

we held our cable releases... damn concentrate... ready get set!

nothing -.-

me: wa lao... so anticlimax...

then suddenly pssssss!!! some tiny prelim sparks!

YAY YAY start liao!!!!

thereafter it was 20 mins of KABABOOM! POM! POM! KPISH!!!! PIANG PIANG PIANG PIANG! and u see the whole row of crazy photographers clicking away! but seriously after the first bursts, there's just too much smoke to catch any decent shots... need to save w photoshop... haha... these are the only shots which i feel are DECENT... don't like that la... my first time ma...

5 hour wait + heavy rain...

worth it? well i don't really remember the patterns (except those i shot) but with friends as crazy as me, i'd do it again ^^

CY ended the eventful night w: for all you know, roger probably got a much nicer view (from his office in OUB building) ^^

Thursday, 21 August 2008


hey hey =DDDDDD

FAB is coming soon!!! The Festival of Ann's Birthday!!! =D yay yay! in my family, my birthday is like Queen's birthday. it's a festival that lasts one month =DD

for food, i am dreaming of Torisho Taka yakitori (wa!!!! the chicken wings and chicken thigh w wasabi!!!) at Gallery Hotel, Lei garden (the whelk soup is superb) at Chjimes or Wild Rocket at Emily Hotel (this one the chocolate dessert makes me go weak in my knees).

for gift, chris asked if i want the apple i-phone but i saw the price... wa so ex... can i just repair my lao pok nokia and buy a nice handbag?... kekeke... he says it's a disgrace to the Wong Family if i am caught using old teknologi -.- so atas... hm...
anything from the boutique with 4 letters starting with D--- i will like... 5 letters starting with C---- lagi better ^^ or if it's made with fine bone china i will also like... 100mm macro f/2.8 USM is nice... 24-70mm f/2.8 also good... add on a gitzo ball head (SGD$375) to replace my lao pok Giotto one will be perfect. haha...

go out w jiahui my goodest bestest friend to watch some show w handsome guy(s) =P maybe have spa party or high tea w pris, grace n ling watching chick flick.

some time w family like steamboat w my mum n kor as well as Zichar w chris family followed by chinese tea n mooncakes will be great (my birthday is near mooncake fest ma)! ^^

then go and shoot the moon, which is the roundest, biggest and brightest in the year.

wa! so exciting! so busy... got to start planning liao and start window shopping.


this morning as usual, we chong chong mang mang got out of house, walked damn fast to car park then got into the car... i threw my camera and lens crumpler bag and big handbag onto the back seat then sat in front with my obento lunch and breakfast, ready to eat my breakfast...

chris inserted the key into akachan our suzuki swift and turned..

ch... ch... ch... ch...

chris: ??? *turn key again*

chk... chk... chk... chk...

chris: oh no dear... think car broke down...
ann: !!!! ha??? then how??
chris: call cab...
ann: *dial jimmy's (jimmy has been fetching me to work when chris was in USA) number* JIMMY!!!! you hit the road already???
jimmy: i just turned into TPE... why nei?
ann: GAH! our car broke down!! never mind thanks >.< *call NTUC cabline*

chris left akachan in the car park and also called a cab... haiz... my cab fee was $14!!! *heart pain*

but we're thankful it happened IN THE CARPARK... imagine it stalls on TPE! wa biang... then it will be v jialat...

i smsed CC and she replied...

CC: if on TPE make sure cover your car-plate number!!!

LOL... cos i always complain that bad jams are not caused by accidents but by people slowing down to check out the car-plate numbers to buy 4D and that there should be a law to make people to cover their car-plate numbers when they get into an accident to prevent jams. haha...

haiz... tmr dono how...

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Down... One By One

My team at work which consists of 12 members is suffering shortage man... KS on MC, KJ tio chicken pox, last week HM lost voice she spoke in a L.I.S.P. (low impact speech pattern), today Jim flu, Vin flu... i sore eye got 2 days MC... but i ngeh ngeh go back work (don't tell chris, he will scold me)... never put mascara, felt so uncomfortable... june has sore throat but also ngeh ngeh lai...

we all feel v v lethargic... zombie-fied... everyday cheong here cheong there... meeting meeting meeting meeting...

die la, at this rate, my team's gonna go down man...

Monday, 18 August 2008

Da Paolo Gastronomia

Wa, recently my kor let me try some mushroom ravioli and boy, was it delicious. so i went to buy some pasta and sauce of my own. the pasta are all freshly made so can only keep for at most two days. they have many different varieties like porcini mushroom, black truflle, herb etc... one serving costs $3.75. i never saw any ravioli or tortellini nei... -.- think sold out liao. and the sauces are also freshly homemade. about $6 - $8 per tub of two servings. nice nice. i like the tomato and eggplant and tomato and basil ones. wanted to try bolognaise but sold out nei -.- the mushroom one is a little oily i feel (it's olive oil though). i also tried the valrhona chocolate cake and it's not bad. those of you who bake will know that valrhona chocolate is v good (and expensive) baking chocolate (martha stewart say one nei!).

they have outlets at all the ATAS places in singapore like great world city (B1), paragon (B1), holland V and donno where else la.

nice nice, go try go try ^^


saw this on geraldine's blog... super funny! warning: contains some profanity.

Wa Jin Ho Say! ^^

Woot! i'm in a good mood today!

i came back early (actually not v early la... about 5+), took a nap, went running, came back, kring krong kring krong KPIIISSSHHHH! heavy downpour! yay! nice to sleep tonight! ^^ ate my home made black truffle tagliatelle with tomato and basil sauce (not i make one la... from da paolo gastronomia)... yummy!


Mental Health

Today i attended a workshop about work-life balance, maintaining mental health etc... part of my job... about mental health, the lady shared a continuum of mental health (which i translated into hokkien):

Ho Say (mentally healthy)
Bo Mi Ho Say (feeling tense)
Tam Po Du Buay Song (irritable)
Buay Song (moody)
Jin Buay Song (depression)
Kee Siao Liao (mentally ill)

a quick survey with my colleagues confirmed that most of us are in the "Bo Mi Ho Say" state... tsk tsk tsk...

she also shared some ways to PREVENT ourselves from getting to "Kee Siao" state and i thought it be good to share it w everyone ^^

1. Humour
it supposedly releases endorphins (which are released during strenuous exercise, excitement and orgasm). 10 mins of laughter a day does you some real good... and it's calorie-free as compared to chocolates (which also contain endorphins)...

face it la people, Humour, that's why u faithfully read my blog right??? LOL. every time you launch your internet browser, somehow, your itchy fingers will want to click on my blog (which i believe is on your bookmarks bar or favs right?)... hahaha...

and it's good to chill out and watch a no-need-to-use-brain-to-think-so-hard comedy once in a while. i strongly recommend Stephen Chow's older movies like "Back to school" etc.

2. Think Positive
when someone gives you a donut, look at the "whole", not the "hole"... yeah... but i'd focus on the chocolate frosting!!! =P

sometimes we think our situation can't get worse... think again...

3. Do It Right
we do it all the time... but we don't do it right... it's the most basic need... no it's not sex (you perverts) it's breathing. yeah, breathe right and you increase oxygen intake, boost energy and feel more relaxed. breathe with your diaphragm. try this (singers will know this la):

stand up straight
feet shoulders apart
put right hand on tummy/belly/six pack (ya right)
put left hand on chest
breathe in deeply with your diaphragm through your nose (you should feel your stomach inflate)
breathe out with your mouth (you should feel your stomach deflate)
all the while, your chest and shoulders shouldn't move
repeat 5 times

when you have mastered the technique, you can put your hands by the side.

Aw... So Cute!! ^^

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Movie Review - The Mummy (2.5*)

on fri night, jiahui and i decided to watch The Mummy at tampines mall GV. when the show started, we were all rather upset because the audio was v v soft. don't mention surround sound... we could not even hear much... and to make things worse, some parts of it are spoken in English so the subtitles are in Chinese -.- read two words, gone... diao... my chinese is quite CMI one ma... so jiahui buay tahan she walked out to complain and they didn't replay from the beginning so i didn't catch the front part much -.- we swore to complain until get refund...

well, the story line is a little out of this world... the abominable snowman taking the cake as the most unbelievable... we also felt the shanghai set looked unreal and the chemistry between the actors... wait... what chemistry???? brandon fraser and his "wife" were so fake... the father and son too... and how can a man who has a son so old look so young...

think the previous The Mummys were much better...

but at least brandon fraser looks quite good (still got six pack) in here that's why i added half a star but otherwise... yawn! ZZZ...

the good thing was they gave out free movie vouchers as we exited so didn't have to complain ^^

Friday, 15 August 2008

Du Shen (God of Gamblers)

Chris showed me a coupon "Riviera Casino $1.40"... he had gone to the casino, slot in $1 in the jackpot machine and played until he won $1.40 -.- of cos he didn't cash the coupon but kept it as a souvenir... (his colleague actually cashed 80c coupon -.-)

me: jackpot machine is by luck one ma...
chris: yeah... by luck i can win 40%... can u imagine if i actually THINK and play poker =) =)
me: -.-
chris: so when the IR opens can i go can i go???
me: -.-
chris: can i wear tuxedo and walk in slow mo
me: -_____-|||
chris: DEAR! i may be Du Shen nei!!!
me: -___________-||| and am i supposed to be your Qi Meng??
chris: yeah ^^
me: -____________________-||| but i don't have mole on my arm pit...
chris: stick one there la =D
me: -_____________________________-||| how about some chocolates and a jade ring???
chris: thanks dear ^^

for those not familiar with God of Gamblers, the ori version starred Chow Yun Fatt who liked to eat choc and everytime before he does some trick he will twirl his ring... then Stephen Chow, king of chinese comedy, spoofed it and in his version, the god of gambler has a muse who is a pretty girl (played by Zhang Min) called Qi Meng who has a mole on her arm pit...

then he loses his memory and to help him recall, his friends found another girl who has a mole on her arm pit and got her to pretend to be Qi Meng... hilarious. slap stick, but v classic! LOL

Proper Food

Chris just came back from USA and the first thing he said was...

chris: i need to eat some proper food -.-

haha... that bad? so what best way to start the day then with Ya Kun kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs with horlicks! ^^

over the toast...

chris: wa! the food in america is really horrible!
me: really? then how come they are the fattest nation???
chris: the food is v unhealthy and v big portion... i need some proper food like chicken rice...
me: that's not healthy...
chris: and some proper ramen... wa biang the ramen there is =P like rubber band in salt water...
me: that bad ah? no wonder matt likes singapore food...

so we headed to Boon Tong Kee in River Valley.

we didn't enjoy the meal at all because they have become very ATAS (high class). you don't go to a high class place to eat chicken rice (which is why we don't like chatterbox too)... the rice is pyramidal in shape -.- and they wrap the fork and spoon nice nice (ok, it's not v nice but can see they really put in effort), the plate is square, the bowl is square -.- the coke comes in a nice glass -.- ok i liked that the tea came in a nice cup and teapot though. we prefer to lap up our chicken rice in a ROUND bowl with chopsticks, where they plong the tub of chilli sauce and ginger on the table and you scoop it out yourself...

they even gave out ferrero rocher as dessert... ???? so salah... chris didn't even want to take it

chris: i don't eat ferrero rocher from ATAS chinese restaurants -.-

sheesh... not as nice as before and so expensive. we ordered TWO drumsticks, one kailan, two (square) bowls of plain porridge, one coke, one tea and it cost us $30 -.-

wait, it should be $80... cos chris tio $50 saman for parking illegally... diao.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Favourite Sports

WA! 2008 Olympic Games is here! yay yay! i'm no fan of sports really but i watch it for the aesthetics! yeah! which explains why my fav events are the MEN'S swimming and MEN'S gymnastics. LOL! especially the gymnastics... just the right amount of muscle at the right places. the swimmers... hm... are nice but somehow, i feel they look weird without arm-pit hair LOL.

i also like the diving events (MEN'S and WOMEN'S) when they turn turn somersault twist here twist there and plop into the water. so graceful ^^

that day i happened to turn on the TV and ah yo, WOMEN'S weight-lifting *grimace* they're all so short and have such huge wings and muscular biceps one so scary. then this china girl, so tiny but she could lift more than 100 kg... so scary sia...

Olympics... nice nice ^^ hehehe...

Movie Review: Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (3.5*)

watched this last night with goodest bestest friend of almost 20 years jiahui. WA! we were glued to the screen throughout nei. and i screamed alot. alot. alot.

when they fell into the vortex, i ah!!!!!!! then when the girl cut brandon fraser's rope, i ah!!!!!! then when the ground beneath them shattered and they fell... i AAAHHHHHHHHHH with them also..


the ah bengs in front of me turned around to -.- me

so i control a bit.

but but, cannot control! when they were on the raft and the ugly piranha-looking fish attacked them, i AAAAAHHHHH AAAAHHHHHH! then the loch ness appeared around them i AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! so scary! think i would have just died ON THE SPOT if i were them. i have a bit of hydro-phobia one ma. then the nephew kena separated clinging on the kite-mast that gave way, i AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

then the magnetic floating rocks part! so jing zhang! i AAHHH! again. and the men-eating plant one i AAAAHHHHHHHH! also.

how can the people around me watch with absolutely no expression one????


the dinosaur!!!!! i AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! so loudly that jiahui said, it was surround sound! she also kiu up and slummed all the way down her seat until she was below the chair in front. i totally didn't watch the dinosaur part. tried watching through the gaps in my fingers but too scary. so didn't really catch what Geraldine described as "dinosaur spit on camera lens"

wa... this kind of show hor, got high blood pressure cannot watch nei. you may have a myocardial infarction and die on the spot.

oh, i would have given it 4* if brandon fraser didn't look so fat (i thought i saw 'moobs' (men-boobs) on him) =P

Taut Bedsheets

haiz... i changed bedsheet yesterday and as usual, i did a really bad job. you see, i can cook i can clean but I. CAN'T. CHANGE. BEDSHEET. yeah, i can't. cos our mattress weights like a ton so i can't lift it up to REALLY tuck in the fitted bedsheet til it's taut. i just anyhow pull the sheet over the corner and pretend pretend then OK! chris says taut bedsheet will repel coin that's tossed in one. and i like it when chris makes the bed. i will help by squatting by the side n watching... then when he has pulled all 4 corners tight tight, i dive in and roll from left to right, right to left to inaugurate clean bedsheet. WA! i LOVE the smell and feel of clean bedsheet ^^ chris will say, "thanks dear... thanks for helping -.-|||"

then there's the quilt... i hate changing the cover. cos sometimes the inside kena twisted you got to redo one. chris is v skilful... he will grab one corner, grab another corner, HAIYA! flick it and voila, the duvet is IN the cover. yeah.

Good Mood ^^

Woot! i'm in a good mood today ^^ firstly, in church, i forgave those people who made me really angry that day ^^ then after church i had a v tai-tai-ly afternoon.

i had lunch at takashimaya level 2 Royal Copenhagen restaurant... i had the set meal which satisfied me. for $22.90, you get a green salad which is an assortment of rockets, corals, radish slices, asparagus, honey tomatoes, japanese cucumber slices and onion rings with a herb vinaigrette. the leaves were PERFECTLY spin-dried.. so nice ^^ entree was swordfish pasta with veg ragout (zucchinis, carrots, celery) and dessert was WA! choc brownie and vanilla ice cream! end it with a nice cup of earl grey, yes, in a pretty tea cup ^^ not fine bone but pretty enough... it feels good to look out the window, see the rain pouring down outside and people scurrying here and there with their umbrellas but i am nice and dry, clutching my cup of freshly-brewed hot tea. mmmm... ^^

then i went to paragon marketplace to look see look see and WA! they've got kohyo grapes!!!! wa! buy one box.... then walk around to other side... WA! osaka grapes! buy one box... hehehe.... later share with chris' family ^^ (dear, too bad you're not around) yum yum. and WA! i found vanilla pods... hehehe... can try it in my mummy's secret recipe butter cookies ^^ and while i was walking around with my basket, i bumped into LEE. SIEN. YANG. *gasp* i was stunned... i stared wide-eyed. he look at me pai seh-ly then wheeled his trolley away. WA! it's such an honour to shop in the same supermarket as the brother of our prime minister! it would have been even more meaningful if it was yesterday LOL!

haha... my favourite supermarts are the marketplace at paragon and cold storage at great world city. they have EVERYTHING. the food is really fresh and the display is so neat. i always tell chris it will be so fang bian if we stayed nearby (cairnhill or river valley) and he always asks me to "wait long long" -.-

then i bought fresh porcini mushroom tagliatelle pasta with pesto sauce from da paolo gastonomia for lunch tomorrow ^^

WA! i am in a good mood today! ^^ WOOT!

NDP 2008

OK, i regret it. i regret it terribly. please remind me NEVER GO TO MERLION OR ESPLANADE ON NATIONAL DAY! EVER!

i had this great idea to shoot airplane, parachute and fireworks during NDP so i jio my goodest bestest friend jiahui to go with me. we were contemplating between the NTUC building were CY n LL were perched and merlion and we made the great great mistake of choosing merlion. we parked at funan and walked there. before we even went down the stairs to the merlion, our nostrils were attacked viciously by a pungent pong!

me: wa! so chao! what's that???
jiahui: think it's the river... got a lot of decomposed things..
me: bu hui ba! our singapore river so stink??? *look at the jet skis out there....*

it turned out as we realised later... that it was the smell of the porta-loos there. you see, people pee-d so much (and probably didn't flush) that the pee leaked out onto the pavement beside the loo hence the whole place REEKED of urine (and probably sai =P)...

we saw a sea of people.... found a not so good spot and set up our chairs, opened our tripods and mounted our cameras on the tripod.... wait... wait... wait... then there were more and more people... and suddenly when we looked around... we realised we were in foreign land, celebrating singapore's 43rd national day at home but felt we were overseas. there were china chinese, bangladeshis, indians, thais, filipinos, ang mos... we counted only 4 singaporeans near us, including us. the other two are one lao uncle and one lao aunty who made themselves v comfortable LEANING against our chairs (the lao aunty was actually holding the back of my head rest n i felt a bit pai seh to lean back -.-) i asked jiahui, "wa! where are all the singaporeans??? i feel like i am overseas..."

then the parachuters appeared! yay yay! but they were so tiny we could not even get a decent shot even with zoom lens. if only we were on ben sheares bridge...

wait... and wait... more people squeeze beside, in front, behind... wait and wait....

wait some more... watch the big screen.... oh NDP started! nothing really happened on our side but EVERYTIME there was some SMALL activity, the people in front of me will suddenly stand up -.- so we could only see their butt and the lao uncle and lao aunty behind us will scream, "OEI! sit sit!" and they'll stretch pass us and kok the guys in front of us with their cardboard fan and wave the fan up down up down telling them to sit. so we were trapped in this stand up sit down stand up sit down thing for a while until...

the sky turned dark....tock... tock tock...tock... *raindrops* AAAHHHH! quickly keep camera... people around me scurry off to nearby shelter or just stand up and get ready to cheong.... uncertainty... can't see a thing.... can't shoot a thing cos don't dare take out cam... anyway, sky grey grey one not nice...

so we decided to walk over to the esplanade to try to get to the roof terrace, which from our side looked quite empty...

me: should be a good spot but not many people know how to get there.... eunice and king brought me there before... let's go.


the escalator up the esplanade was SUPER crowded. we could feel the body heat, touch the sweat and smell the B.O. around us. the escalator was not on so we had to walk up. then, esplanade looked so near yet felt so far cos the passage was jammed. the NS people who cordoned off the area was smart enough to make a one-way passage way for two-way human traffic. so there were people trying to get AWAY from esplanade and there were people trying to get TO esplanade.... after like 15 mins, we travelled 10 metres and finally reached.... then AAHHHHH! roof terrace is RESERVED FOR PRIVATE FUNCTION! AAAHHHH.... want to give up anot? okok, let's give up.... let's go for a massage at kenko wellness.... ha??? no slot? got to wait til 7:30pm? okok, go eat dinner first.

over dinner...

jiahui: actually tanjong rhu there got one place for playing golf one is one big grass patch nei... unblocked view i think.
me: oh? open?
jiahui: should be. i ask my sis go there pretend play golf chope a place for us...
me: OKOK =)

so we made our way back to funan (on foot) and zoomed to tanjong rhu... jiahui turned here turned there finally got on ECP...


she made wrong exit.... turned into KPE... go all the way to PIE... underground... and we believe the fireworks went off while we were in the tunnel cos when we turned back towards town, we heard on the radio, "the crowd was great! the atmosphere was great! even AFTER the fireworks! people stayed around...."

we turned and looked at each other, want to cry... "AFTER the fireworks???? did you hear AFTER the fireworks??" we were at chinatown area so we heard pom pom pom but saw nothing. we looked up the sky, chinatown was deserted... everyone was at merlion n esplanade. we HEARD the fireworks.

so, we didn't manage to shoot ANY fireworks tonight. we didn't even manage to SEE any fireworks -.-

jiahui: this viewing NDP business is damn tiring. need to be v strong. think my mum this type will faint. those two uncle and aunty are v yong! LOL
me: no. need to be rich. just book a room at fullerton, ritz or whatever.
jiahui: oh ya.... haha...
me: chris should have become president. then i'd get THE BEST SEAT.
jiahui: haha... or be organiser lor! also can!
me: -.- not worth it

but it was great company. if it was chris, he would have made so made noise and i think i would have tio scold by him. jiahui n i decided to head to great world city to catch Journey To The Centre Of The Earth which I will blog about tomorrow... i mean.... later.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Another Bruise

Tomorrow i am gonna get another big bruise...

cos my tripod's ball head dropped and KONK on my left leg... my other big bruise ok le... now got another one. when will i ever be bruise-free?

*Slap Forehead*

Sometimes I worry about the future of Singapore.... why nei? lemme give two examples...

Example 1:
I was chatting with some youngsters and one of them, R, remarks...
R: I want to apply for President's Scholarship!
me: ooohhh... it's v v dificult to get because it's v prestigious. you have to work v v hard then.
R: but i know SR Nathan...
me: ha???? what do you mean? you mean you know him as in you KNOW him personally???
R: i know where he stays...
me: -____________________________-||| *who doesn't??*
someone: ah yo! everybody knows where he stays la! he stays at Isetan!
me: -____________________________________________-|||||||||| it's IS-TA-NA.

Example 2:
i was at John 3:16 in Funan the IT Mall to get a cable release for my cam for shooting fireworks and the mall was having some kind of ND celebration roadshow and they were giving away prizes for people who could answer questions about S'pore... so got one teenage gin nah (maybe about JC or poly kinda age group) went up...

emcee: OK! who is the first president of singapore?
gin nah: *without hesitation* SR Nathan!
whole shopping centre: *gasp*
me: *STUNNED* OH MY TIAN! this guy is so dumb!!
emcee: *tries not to appear too stunned* who is the FIRST president of Singapore???
gin nah: *silence*
emcee: *tries to help him* okok, is it (a) yusof ishak or (b) yusof ishak?
gin nah: orh! (b) yusof ishak =D
me: -_____________________________-||||

What An Opening!!!

I don't know if you caught the Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening but i did this morning and WAHHH!!!! was i impressed! when i switched on the TV, they were parading the flag and while the flag was being raised, a choir of children dressed in various chinese tribal costumes sang the Olympic anthem. so colourful so cute! then when the flag was raised, the wind miraculous started blowing super strongly... IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION! wow! then the taking of the pledge (stupid channel 5 suddenly tio cut) followed by the lighting of the torch. WA!!! IT WAS SPECTACULAR! a couple of athletes passed the torch around the bird's nest stadium and the last person, Li Ning, Olympic Artistic Gymnast was lifted on wire (Kung Fu style) into the air to the top of the bird's nest where a screen unfurled like a chinese painting around the top rim of the bird's nest. then he like RAN on the screen AS IT WAS BEING UNFULRED... totally kung fu! WOO HOO! the unfurled parts showed footages of pass torch-carriers from all over the world... so this pugilist ran AROUND the top of the bird's nest carrying the torch... AMAZING! then he lit a starter and the flame ZWWOOOPPP! went up a rope and lit the gigantic torch, followed by an abundance of fireworks all around that region. it's really really A LOT A LOT of fireworks. KERPOW! KPISSSHHHH!!!!!! POM! PAO! PING PONG! and got all sorts of pattern one. circle la, flower bloom la, dots la... a lot la!

WA, v nice.... i hope someone will put it up on youtube soon or that there is a repeat. you should really catch it.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Are You Stressed? Eat Some Dessert...

Today I learn something interesting...

STRESSED spelt backwards is DESSERTS

wa... no wonder we feel good eating desserts ^^ cos it's the opposite of stressed!

Disgusted =(

I cleaned out my office fridge today and boy was it gross =P Among the disgusting things i threw out are:

1. peel fresh orange juice dated mar 2008
2. choc swiss roll with mold frosting
3. yellow donno what flavoured agar agar with mold topping
4. pear wedges on skewer, almost pureed
5. raspberry jam that has liquified
6. dehydrated apple x 2
7. salad dressing that has jellified
8. dark grey coloured birds nest in a bottle (not mine hor. i don't eat that brand)
9. a pair of cupcakes from donno how many months ago

gross... super gross... =P

talking about the cupcakes... that time got one colleague before he left, he gave each of us a pair of pretty cupcakes. but got someone can't bear to eat it... keep... and keep... and keep... until it became even more colourful... and it was so stink... we all were wondering, "wa biang! how come the office so chao one!?" then i buay tahan went around EVERY cubicle sniff sniff... then AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! when i found the more than colourful cupcakes, i almost fainted -.- that person, sit IN FRONT OF the smelly cupcakes EVERYDAY, he didn't notice it chao sng already????????????? i don't believe this....

and the other day i found a box of watermelon in the fridge... pureed already (yeee....!)

last time, i found a slice of honeydew in a plastic bag, nuah until become like mucus! my goodness... i paraded that offensive item around and asked, "WHOSE????" everyone act like damn busy... only look to see and then go, "AIYER! so gross!!!" -.-

then another time, someone put a cup of pao pao cha in the fridge donno how it exploded! the whole tray was sticky with the slimy pao pao cha (which has been in there for donno how long)... i was super pu huay i took a photo, emailed whole office and ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super angry...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


*dong gan chao ren pose* ah hahahaha

remember the irritatingly stressful TUA TUA LIAP event i was involved in a few months ago? well, although it is way way over, i still had some nagging admin work to do and guess what??????? I FINISHED IT!!!!! Finally!!!!! yay hay! WOOT!

Monday, 4 August 2008


sometimes my colleagues say the darnest things and i really dont know how to respond... today our office had staffwellbeing day so we went for some walk near Hort Park and i passed CC a satchet of anti-mozzie patch..

me: nah... give you
CC: shen me lai de? condom ah?
me: -____________________________________-||| why on earth will i give you that?????

then on the bus, HY saw my tripod...
HY: that tripod looks expensive
me: *ah bu then, it's a gitzo* er... quite la... but u should ask MRT how much HIS is...
HY: that time my friend lent me a $10 tripod also can use nei...


Sunday, 3 August 2008

Chicken In A Biscuit

one of my favourite biscuits which i try not to eat too often is chicken in a biscuit. it's so giam but it's delicious! ^^ I saw this recipe on TV but the first time i tried it, i used thigh meat which is too thick so the inside was uncooked... i tried it again just now w breast meat and wa!!! v nice, outside super crisp, inside moist and tender neh!

Chicken biscuit
Chicken breast fillets
Plain flour
1 Egg (beaten)
oil for frying

place chicken biscuits (don't ask me how many... enough to coat your fillets la) in a plastic bag and konk konk konk pound it until it looks like bread crumps. also pound the fillet so that it's thinner... no need seasoning cos the biscuit is giam one hor... then do the 123 coating step: 1. flour 2. egg 3. biscuit crumps and fry (can deep-fry or i just shallow fry on low heat) until golden brown. place on kitchen paper to drain oil, serve w any chilli sauce. i used thai sweet chilli sauce and it was great! i served it w wholewheat noodles coated w shoyu (light soy sauce), mirin (japanese sweet sauce), sesame oil and black sesame seeds and blanched broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and capsicum. simple yet delicious meal! ^^

sorry no photo cos i was v hungry wanted to quickly eat LOL


Woot! *do silly dance* i'm in a good mood today! ^^ =D

i perfected my chicken in a biscuit cutlet (recipe in next post) and i had hangzhou dragon well tea which i bought yesterday! ^^ wa! nothing like an excellent cup of tea to cheer me up ^^

but last night i was v upset. cos SOMEBODY said he will ichat me from USA i waited.... and waited... and waited until the garden fest flowers all wilt le... still not yet come on-line... until i @.@ need to sleep le *yawn* so i boh hiu go sleep le...

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Booby Trapped

Golly... today's weather was super duper hot plus humid... and i had to attend a company function (dress code: formal) so i made the mistake of wearing a dress w bustier top... cos of the top, i had to wear my sticky silicone bra and also special double-sided tape to tape the top to my two best friends so the top won't "drop"...

so it was hot like hell and we were all sweating like mad and i felt my two best friends melting in the heat. thing about the sticky silicone bra is there is no ventilation... so all my sweat was like accumulated there... yet i had to look and act cool... wa biang... not easy... and i even hugged several people to congratulate them... LOL.. then i went shopping after church some more haha...

when i came home i was so happy to rip off the bra and my bustier top and i must have been too excited i ripped off the double-sided tape too fast that AAAHHHHHH!!!!! i ripped off one small piece of the skin on my precious right best friend!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOUUUUUCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! pain pain pain.... wa, shower that time super pain...

this reminds me of my wedding day. my wedding dress is totally bareback so i could not wear bra and at that time, the silicone bra has not invaded singaporean women's wardrobes yet so my designer sewed built-in cups but to get extra support, she made me tape my left and right together with MASKING TAPE! ya, across, started from left, long long tape, stretch across to right... yeah, i went through my wedding with masking tape across me. but i looked damn glam alright. haha... she warned me to tear off SLOWLY otherwise i may rip off my skin....

SOBS!!! next time tear off slowly!!!!! OUCH!