Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The club is going to Vietnam for a photography trip and boy is the itinerary from hell =P

6D5N, 3 nights at 3 different places, 2 on overnight train... overnight train how to sleep siah?????? gling glong gling glong... -.- n first day reached Hanoi le go jalan jalan then board overnight train liao... NO CHANCE TO SHOWER!!!!!! aahhhhh!!!! n dono whether the train beds clean anot... should i bring bedsheet and pillowcase? hm...

chris learnt the hard way NEVER to take night flight w me (unless really bopian as in there is ONLY night flight like our hokkaido trip) cos i normally can't sleep de and yeah he tio, once bitten twice shy

ann without sleep = lioness with severe PMS

so since then, he'd gladly fork out one extra night hotel stay... he thinks it's v worth it.

plus got to trek here trek there... w camera gear nei... n my gitzo is light hor mind u, i donno about the rest (think of who's gonna carry the green tripod =P). that time shoot NDP fireworks, i carried tripod, 400D, 50mm f/1.8, 15mm fisheye, 15-30mm wide angle, water bottle te blah blah and foldable chair siongs siah... went kenko wellness my ah kim said, "u carry v heavy thing ah?" wa, jackpot.

talking about trekking, i don't have proper attire and shoes!!! GAH... n it's gonna be cold... cold weather i normally wear thermal undies, woollen/cashmere pullover, stockings, woollen skirt or dress, boots, trenchcoat, woollen/pashmina scarf... like that how to trek???? i can't wear trenchcoat go trek because 1. buay ngum 2. wait dirty... n i don't feel like buying trekking gear cos i probly won't use it again... i also don't want to look lok kok... how nei... plus trek how to carry luggage??? need back pack... AHHH! backpack behind, camera bag in front. in the words of grouch, i'll be like an elephant... can i pay for a porter ha? i'd even pay for an elephant k... i like the idea of going to a village cos i think it'd be v interesting but need to trek so siong meh...? so i think i can't bring pillow le. melody says she will stay at home to look after west n claire... thaddeus may want to go cos he thinks it's v quaint.

i need to write will before going le... sheesh. hope my photos turn out nice though then at least got legacy... and then really the headlines will read Photographer died of exhaustion... for hobby...