Monday, 18 August 2008

Da Paolo Gastronomia

Wa, recently my kor let me try some mushroom ravioli and boy, was it delicious. so i went to buy some pasta and sauce of my own. the pasta are all freshly made so can only keep for at most two days. they have many different varieties like porcini mushroom, black truflle, herb etc... one serving costs $3.75. i never saw any ravioli or tortellini nei... -.- think sold out liao. and the sauces are also freshly homemade. about $6 - $8 per tub of two servings. nice nice. i like the tomato and eggplant and tomato and basil ones. wanted to try bolognaise but sold out nei -.- the mushroom one is a little oily i feel (it's olive oil though). i also tried the valrhona chocolate cake and it's not bad. those of you who bake will know that valrhona chocolate is v good (and expensive) baking chocolate (martha stewart say one nei!).

they have outlets at all the ATAS places in singapore like great world city (B1), paragon (B1), holland V and donno where else la.

nice nice, go try go try ^^