Thursday, 7 August 2008

Disgusted =(

I cleaned out my office fridge today and boy was it gross =P Among the disgusting things i threw out are:

1. peel fresh orange juice dated mar 2008
2. choc swiss roll with mold frosting
3. yellow donno what flavoured agar agar with mold topping
4. pear wedges on skewer, almost pureed
5. raspberry jam that has liquified
6. dehydrated apple x 2
7. salad dressing that has jellified
8. dark grey coloured birds nest in a bottle (not mine hor. i don't eat that brand)
9. a pair of cupcakes from donno how many months ago

gross... super gross... =P

talking about the cupcakes... that time got one colleague before he left, he gave each of us a pair of pretty cupcakes. but got someone can't bear to eat it... keep... and keep... and keep... until it became even more colourful... and it was so stink... we all were wondering, "wa biang! how come the office so chao one!?" then i buay tahan went around EVERY cubicle sniff sniff... then AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! when i found the more than colourful cupcakes, i almost fainted -.- that person, sit IN FRONT OF the smelly cupcakes EVERYDAY, he didn't notice it chao sng already????????????? i don't believe this....

and the other day i found a box of watermelon in the fridge... pureed already (yeee....!)

last time, i found a slice of honeydew in a plastic bag, nuah until become like mucus! my goodness... i paraded that offensive item around and asked, "WHOSE????" everyone act like damn busy... only look to see and then go, "AIYER! so gross!!!" -.-

then another time, someone put a cup of pao pao cha in the fridge donno how it exploded! the whole tray was sticky with the slimy pao pao cha (which has been in there for donno how long)... i was super pu huay i took a photo, emailed whole office and ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

super angry...