Friday, 15 August 2008

Du Shen (God of Gamblers)

Chris showed me a coupon "Riviera Casino $1.40"... he had gone to the casino, slot in $1 in the jackpot machine and played until he won $1.40 -.- of cos he didn't cash the coupon but kept it as a souvenir... (his colleague actually cashed 80c coupon -.-)

me: jackpot machine is by luck one ma...
chris: yeah... by luck i can win 40%... can u imagine if i actually THINK and play poker =) =)
me: -.-
chris: so when the IR opens can i go can i go???
me: -.-
chris: can i wear tuxedo and walk in slow mo
me: -_____-|||
chris: DEAR! i may be Du Shen nei!!!
me: -___________-||| and am i supposed to be your Qi Meng??
chris: yeah ^^
me: -____________________-||| but i don't have mole on my arm pit...
chris: stick one there la =D
me: -_____________________________-||| how about some chocolates and a jade ring???
chris: thanks dear ^^

for those not familiar with God of Gamblers, the ori version starred Chow Yun Fatt who liked to eat choc and everytime before he does some trick he will twirl his ring... then Stephen Chow, king of chinese comedy, spoofed it and in his version, the god of gambler has a muse who is a pretty girl (played by Zhang Min) called Qi Meng who has a mole on her arm pit...

then he loses his memory and to help him recall, his friends found another girl who has a mole on her arm pit and got her to pretend to be Qi Meng... hilarious. slap stick, but v classic! LOL