Thursday, 21 August 2008


hey hey =DDDDDD

FAB is coming soon!!! The Festival of Ann's Birthday!!! =D yay yay! in my family, my birthday is like Queen's birthday. it's a festival that lasts one month =DD

for food, i am dreaming of Torisho Taka yakitori (wa!!!! the chicken wings and chicken thigh w wasabi!!!) at Gallery Hotel, Lei garden (the whelk soup is superb) at Chjimes or Wild Rocket at Emily Hotel (this one the chocolate dessert makes me go weak in my knees).

for gift, chris asked if i want the apple i-phone but i saw the price... wa so ex... can i just repair my lao pok nokia and buy a nice handbag?... kekeke... he says it's a disgrace to the Wong Family if i am caught using old teknologi -.- so atas... hm...
anything from the boutique with 4 letters starting with D--- i will like... 5 letters starting with C---- lagi better ^^ or if it's made with fine bone china i will also like... 100mm macro f/2.8 USM is nice... 24-70mm f/2.8 also good... add on a gitzo ball head (SGD$375) to replace my lao pok Giotto one will be perfect. haha...

go out w jiahui my goodest bestest friend to watch some show w handsome guy(s) =P maybe have spa party or high tea w pris, grace n ling watching chick flick.

some time w family like steamboat w my mum n kor as well as Zichar w chris family followed by chinese tea n mooncakes will be great (my birthday is near mooncake fest ma)! ^^

then go and shoot the moon, which is the roundest, biggest and brightest in the year.

wa! so exciting! so busy... got to start planning liao and start window shopping.