Sunday, 10 August 2008

Good Mood ^^

Woot! i'm in a good mood today ^^ firstly, in church, i forgave those people who made me really angry that day ^^ then after church i had a v tai-tai-ly afternoon.

i had lunch at takashimaya level 2 Royal Copenhagen restaurant... i had the set meal which satisfied me. for $22.90, you get a green salad which is an assortment of rockets, corals, radish slices, asparagus, honey tomatoes, japanese cucumber slices and onion rings with a herb vinaigrette. the leaves were PERFECTLY spin-dried.. so nice ^^ entree was swordfish pasta with veg ragout (zucchinis, carrots, celery) and dessert was WA! choc brownie and vanilla ice cream! end it with a nice cup of earl grey, yes, in a pretty tea cup ^^ not fine bone but pretty enough... it feels good to look out the window, see the rain pouring down outside and people scurrying here and there with their umbrellas but i am nice and dry, clutching my cup of freshly-brewed hot tea. mmmm... ^^

then i went to paragon marketplace to look see look see and WA! they've got kohyo grapes!!!! wa! buy one box.... then walk around to other side... WA! osaka grapes! buy one box... hehehe.... later share with chris' family ^^ (dear, too bad you're not around) yum yum. and WA! i found vanilla pods... hehehe... can try it in my mummy's secret recipe butter cookies ^^ and while i was walking around with my basket, i bumped into LEE. SIEN. YANG. *gasp* i was stunned... i stared wide-eyed. he look at me pai seh-ly then wheeled his trolley away. WA! it's such an honour to shop in the same supermarket as the brother of our prime minister! it would have been even more meaningful if it was yesterday LOL!

haha... my favourite supermarts are the marketplace at paragon and cold storage at great world city. they have EVERYTHING. the food is really fresh and the display is so neat. i always tell chris it will be so fang bian if we stayed nearby (cairnhill or river valley) and he always asks me to "wait long long" -.-

then i bought fresh porcini mushroom tagliatelle pasta with pesto sauce from da paolo gastonomia for lunch tomorrow ^^

WA! i am in a good mood today! ^^ WOOT!