Sunday, 24 August 2008

Hanabi 2

btw, i forgot to mention that the anticipation of WHERE the blooms will occur really kills you sometimes. the first few bursts were ok, still in frame but then when they got higher ah!!!! faster reframe reframe! so i zoomed out then they went even higher and higher so i switched to portrait mode... but it's so unpredictable so i was grumbling to CY...

me: wa biang, need to have TWO cameras! one landscape one portrait, one left hand one right hand.. then you tatatata click left click right like play PSP like that! LOL

next year we gonna try merlion spot... i'm gonna borrow my cousin's 5D n fisheye lens kekeke. hope he also has a tripod and cable release ^^

last night while viewing our pics with the Bible Study group, CY remarked...

CY: i wonder how those guys shoot with prime lens* !!! LOL

(*prime lens cannot zoom in zoom out one)

talking about prime lens, that time my colleagues wanted a group shot with our Japanese visitors so the tour agent offered to shoot for us but i was using my 50mm f/1.8 and he tried to zoom but cannot... so he thought my camera lousy... LOL