Friday, 22 August 2008


Hana - flower
Hi - fire
Hana + hi = hanabi = flower fire = FIREWORKS!!!! WOO.. HOO!!!!

boy was i excited about tonight's shoot. CY smsed me 7 early 8 early...

CY: so ann we'd be reaching there around 4 and you can walk from the MRT station... should be able to find unless there is construction or weirdos already camped there early!

after reaching home from work at 3pm, i was so totally wasted that i zonked off... comatose... completely unconscious... if not for my alarm, i'd probly sleep til donno when... LOL so when i was packing my stuff... CY smsed...

CY: wa, spots are filling up already! unfortunately, there ARE weridos already here!
ann: kk, i coming... wat to tell taxi uncle?
CY: one marina boulevard...
ann: chope place for me ha!
CY: my butt only enough to save small space...
ann: lie down lie down!!! LOL
CY: ling is still parking so i am alone
ann: lie down pretend to make snow angels!!!

so i cheonged down in a cab. smsed roger in the cab...

me: oei, faster go, spots filling up liao!
rog: i know, i can see from my office (rog works in OUB building)

received sms from CY...

CY: alamak... raining...


taxi approaching... water droplets on the windshield...

uncle: wa... see the dark clouds... going to rain v v heavily and for v long later...
me: -.- *uncle, u never brush teeth*

and after turning round n round for like donno how many times and talking to ling on the phone for directions, finally found CY n ling... when uncle dropped me off...

uncle: orh! u come here take photo ah?
ann: ya, tonight got fireworks ma...
uncle: orh... *siao ah... raining nei*

ann: -.- taxi drivers should KNOW this place. next time i should be able to just say "uncle, the shoot fireworks place at one marina boulevard!" -.-
CY: cover your ball head cover your ball head! don't want it to rust!

so i whipped out my kyoto new miyako hotel shower cap (tis a good idea to steal shower caps from hotels for such emergencies) and wrapped it around my ball head... everyone there protected their equipment with their lives... it's ok to get wet, as long as the equipment is dry ^^

wait... wait... wait... (it was going to be a 5-hr wait), CY and i

>.> benro
<.< manfro
<.< slik


nothing to do ma, so beo other people's gear lor...

CY: i think i saw a gitzo on the left...
ann: is it? <.<

kk... chit chat chit chat... cam-whore a bit w ling's PNS camera... ^^

CY: anyone for squatting?? =D

so the 3 of us squat down and interlaced our umbrellas for greater protection... the winds were quite fierce and chilly... we talked about being struck by lightning for our hobby... and i felt like a giant light bulb for CY n ling cos he blogged that during NDP when they shared one umbrella, ling felt it was v lomantik... LOL

the group on our left which CY described as "army trained" pitched a tent with their groundsheet, hid under w their equipment and later even played PSP and took out their laptop!!! LOL

then there were those persistent, damn determined lone rangers like that uncle with the cutesy batz batz maru umbrella whom CY recognised to be from NDP... admire them. if i was there alone in the rain, i'd have given up liao...

but then i told CY..

me: i die die also must shoot something tonight! this is my second attempt! (read my first failed attempt here) must show chris otherwise he'd laugh at me for being crazy...
CY: well, if it doesn't turn out well, i can pass u some of my NDP pics n u show them to chris... just make sure you change the exif data from D300 to 400D!!! ^^

then ling n i went to toilet. also bought some snacks for dinner... i had a SUPER oily and not nice beef pie that cost an arm n a leg *grumble grumble* and SUPER giam and sour sea salt and vinegar kettle chips and not bad hot choc... thank God that when we emerged from the building, the rain has stopped ^^

i was changing my lens when CY commented...

CY: you should switch off your cam before you change lens...
amm: why nei?
CY: tell you later... quick... switch off...
ling: is it you will get electrocuted?
CY: *serious tone* worse than that
ling: *gasp* what can be worse than getting electrocuted???
me: kk... *scared* why ha?
CY: cos if you don't switch off the sensor is still on so dust particles get attracted...
ling: ???? and that's worse than getting electrocuted??

LOL... photographers have weird sense of priorities!

the crowds started streaming in and we felt thankful that we had "first row seats" =D roger was too busy at work so decided not to come... hm =(

shoot the cityscape a bit... test test...

there was this ang mo guy on our right...

CY: *whisper* is that a gitzo??
ann: benro. i beo-ed it already! =D

and this ang mo was giving directions to his japanese friends who i believe were lost in the MRT station...

ang mo: eki kara exit J... e.... migi wa one raffles quay... ichin ban takai biru... hidari wa NTUC biri aru?? (from station, take exit J, right is one raffles quay, tallest building... left, is there NTUC building?")

they like machiam ding dong ding dong for more than an hour before his japanese friends arrived. even we felt happy for them that they were FINALLY reunited LOL!

i walked around shoot shoot a bit... caught this shot which i feel fits the seventh month theme v well LOL! hm... did i actually see these people??? should have put on a hantu filter LOL...

then ZHNG!!!! from the floating platform, they shone stupid floodlights to our right!!!! GAH!!!! pls switch that off la idiots! like that how to shoot later! all my pics will turn out like this (see below)!!! @#$@!

CY: is it to punish us for not buying tickets?
me: LOL

then they rotated the floodloghts to FACE US!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

CY: *calmly* i'm still hopeful they'd dim all the lights ^^

so we were like all set, sitting on our chairs waiting waiting continue beo-ing other people's gear... the guy beside me used an L-plate on his tripod...

me: *whisper* wa, wat's that?
CY: L plate
me: oh? is it cos he just started learning photography??
CY: -__________-|||

no la, that guy mounted TWO cameras on the L plate...

then there was this joker behind us with a BULB!

CY: why does he need that???

diao... tis the occasion to take out all your stuff to show off LOL!

wait... wait... wait....

me: *pretend to look up the sky and shout excitedly* AAHHH! lai liao lai liao!!!!

CY and the guy on my left (L plate guy) sprung up straight and held their cable releases, ready get set!

me: LOL hahahaha.... (i fake one la)

CY: chey... -.-

me: thought create some suspense ma! LOL

so finally we heard the crowd on the floating platform counting down...

THREE...! TWO... ! ONE... !

floodlights OFF!

we held our cable releases... damn concentrate... ready get set!

nothing -.-

me: wa lao... so anticlimax...

then suddenly pssssss!!! some tiny prelim sparks!

YAY YAY start liao!!!!

thereafter it was 20 mins of KABABOOM! POM! POM! KPISH!!!! PIANG PIANG PIANG PIANG! and u see the whole row of crazy photographers clicking away! but seriously after the first bursts, there's just too much smoke to catch any decent shots... need to save w photoshop... haha... these are the only shots which i feel are DECENT... don't like that la... my first time ma...

5 hour wait + heavy rain...

worth it? well i don't really remember the patterns (except those i shot) but with friends as crazy as me, i'd do it again ^^

CY ended the eventful night w: for all you know, roger probably got a much nicer view (from his office in OUB building) ^^