Monday, 18 August 2008

Mental Health

Today i attended a workshop about work-life balance, maintaining mental health etc... part of my job... about mental health, the lady shared a continuum of mental health (which i translated into hokkien):

Ho Say (mentally healthy)
Bo Mi Ho Say (feeling tense)
Tam Po Du Buay Song (irritable)
Buay Song (moody)
Jin Buay Song (depression)
Kee Siao Liao (mentally ill)

a quick survey with my colleagues confirmed that most of us are in the "Bo Mi Ho Say" state... tsk tsk tsk...

she also shared some ways to PREVENT ourselves from getting to "Kee Siao" state and i thought it be good to share it w everyone ^^

1. Humour
it supposedly releases endorphins (which are released during strenuous exercise, excitement and orgasm). 10 mins of laughter a day does you some real good... and it's calorie-free as compared to chocolates (which also contain endorphins)...

face it la people, Humour, that's why u faithfully read my blog right??? LOL. every time you launch your internet browser, somehow, your itchy fingers will want to click on my blog (which i believe is on your bookmarks bar or favs right?)... hahaha...

and it's good to chill out and watch a no-need-to-use-brain-to-think-so-hard comedy once in a while. i strongly recommend Stephen Chow's older movies like "Back to school" etc.

2. Think Positive
when someone gives you a donut, look at the "whole", not the "hole"... yeah... but i'd focus on the chocolate frosting!!! =P

sometimes we think our situation can't get worse... think again...

3. Do It Right
we do it all the time... but we don't do it right... it's the most basic need... no it's not sex (you perverts) it's breathing. yeah, breathe right and you increase oxygen intake, boost energy and feel more relaxed. breathe with your diaphragm. try this (singers will know this la):

stand up straight
feet shoulders apart
put right hand on tummy/belly/six pack (ya right)
put left hand on chest
breathe in deeply with your diaphragm through your nose (you should feel your stomach inflate)
breathe out with your mouth (you should feel your stomach deflate)
all the while, your chest and shoulders shouldn't move
repeat 5 times

when you have mastered the technique, you can put your hands by the side.