Friday, 29 August 2008

Right Shampoo

rmb that time i said i found ONE strand of white hair (actually not i found, CC found)?? i think it was because i used the wrong shampoo nei... that shampoo (i won't mention the brand cos scared wait kena sue) also made me lose some hair =( i felt my parting line is getting thicker and thicker =( so i changed shampoo...

been using Loccitane's shampoo for dry and damaged hair for a month now n am v pleased w the result. it contains three types of essential oils (angelica, lavender and geranium) so i feel my hair is cleansed yet not stripped dry. then i apply loreal elseve's leave-on conditioner and lightly blow-dry. today i went for a hair cut n the hairdresser said my hair is v thick and full and the quality is quite good! ^^ so i guess the shampoo worked! btw the new improved formula has two additional essential oils: ylang ylang and patchouli $33 for 300ml.

nice, i like ^^