Saturday, 9 August 2008

*Slap Forehead*

Sometimes I worry about the future of Singapore.... why nei? lemme give two examples...

Example 1:
I was chatting with some youngsters and one of them, R, remarks...
R: I want to apply for President's Scholarship!
me: ooohhh... it's v v dificult to get because it's v prestigious. you have to work v v hard then.
R: but i know SR Nathan...
me: ha???? what do you mean? you mean you know him as in you KNOW him personally???
R: i know where he stays...
me: -____________________________-||| *who doesn't??*
someone: ah yo! everybody knows where he stays la! he stays at Isetan!
me: -____________________________________________-|||||||||| it's IS-TA-NA.

Example 2:
i was at John 3:16 in Funan the IT Mall to get a cable release for my cam for shooting fireworks and the mall was having some kind of ND celebration roadshow and they were giving away prizes for people who could answer questions about S'pore... so got one teenage gin nah (maybe about JC or poly kinda age group) went up...

emcee: OK! who is the first president of singapore?
gin nah: *without hesitation* SR Nathan!
whole shopping centre: *gasp*
me: *STUNNED* OH MY TIAN! this guy is so dumb!!
emcee: *tries not to appear too stunned* who is the FIRST president of Singapore???
gin nah: *silence*
emcee: *tries to help him* okok, is it (a) yusof ishak or (b) yusof ishak?
gin nah: orh! (b) yusof ishak =D
me: -_____________________________-||||