Sunday, 10 August 2008

Taut Bedsheets

haiz... i changed bedsheet yesterday and as usual, i did a really bad job. you see, i can cook i can clean but I. CAN'T. CHANGE. BEDSHEET. yeah, i can't. cos our mattress weights like a ton so i can't lift it up to REALLY tuck in the fitted bedsheet til it's taut. i just anyhow pull the sheet over the corner and pretend pretend then OK! chris says taut bedsheet will repel coin that's tossed in one. and i like it when chris makes the bed. i will help by squatting by the side n watching... then when he has pulled all 4 corners tight tight, i dive in and roll from left to right, right to left to inaugurate clean bedsheet. WA! i LOVE the smell and feel of clean bedsheet ^^ chris will say, "thanks dear... thanks for helping -.-|||"

then there's the quilt... i hate changing the cover. cos sometimes the inside kena twisted you got to redo one. chris is v skilful... he will grab one corner, grab another corner, HAIYA! flick it and voila, the duvet is IN the cover. yeah.