Saturday, 9 August 2008

What An Opening!!!

I don't know if you caught the Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening but i did this morning and WAHHH!!!! was i impressed! when i switched on the TV, they were parading the flag and while the flag was being raised, a choir of children dressed in various chinese tribal costumes sang the Olympic anthem. so colourful so cute! then when the flag was raised, the wind miraculous started blowing super strongly... IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION! wow! then the taking of the pledge (stupid channel 5 suddenly tio cut) followed by the lighting of the torch. WA!!! IT WAS SPECTACULAR! a couple of athletes passed the torch around the bird's nest stadium and the last person, Li Ning, Olympic Artistic Gymnast was lifted on wire (Kung Fu style) into the air to the top of the bird's nest where a screen unfurled like a chinese painting around the top rim of the bird's nest. then he like RAN on the screen AS IT WAS BEING UNFULRED... totally kung fu! WOO HOO! the unfurled parts showed footages of pass torch-carriers from all over the world... so this pugilist ran AROUND the top of the bird's nest carrying the torch... AMAZING! then he lit a starter and the flame ZWWOOOPPP! went up a rope and lit the gigantic torch, followed by an abundance of fireworks all around that region. it's really really A LOT A LOT of fireworks. KERPOW! KPISSSHHHH!!!!!! POM! PAO! PING PONG! and got all sorts of pattern one. circle la, flower bloom la, dots la... a lot la!

WA, v nice.... i hope someone will put it up on youtube soon or that there is a repeat. you should really catch it.