Sunday, 28 September 2008

Eat Drink Man Woman

10 out of 10 Singaporean Chinese adults DON'T LIKE to attend Chinese wedding dinners... why? here are MY top 10 reasons:

1. ang bao -_____-||| gotta give an average of $80-$120 per head depending on venue. but if it's good friend, can give more la. good friend i don't mind.
2. it ALWAYS starts late (for e.g. invite says 7pm, starts at 8pm)
3. cheesy first dish entrance, music and worse, dance. don't know why people like kitaro so much.... Hans Zimmer or John Williams will be much nicer. if they come in as stormtroopers w star wars theme, i'd be impressed! LOL
4. the same dishes at EVERY dinner (i will blog about my "dream" menu later)
5. yam seng (so wuliao. for tom and veronica's wedding, i was the MC and he wanted to keep things simple so we just raised our glasses, i said some well-wishes, something to the line of God bless their marriage etc and said "Cheers!")
6. SHARK FINS (i wish this food will be banned or HEAVILY taxed or that someone finds melamine in shark fins... -.- they chop off the shark's fins and throw the poor ENDANGERED creature back for a SLOW AND PAINFUL death)
7. overeating then going to sleep after that because it ALWAYS ends super late... it's dinner that goes into supper
8. sometimes you're seated at a table w people you don't know so time passes painfully
9. occasionally you get an MC or JP who talks too much, can't talk properly or talks nonsense
10. I believe the bride and groom don't know 50% of the people they invited so i pity them

but there are things i find pleasant:
1. the bride ALWAYS looks resplendent ^^ and if she is my friend, i feel happy for her
2. catching up w old friends
3. the touching "thank parents" speeches *sobs*
4. when finally can go home and remove my sticky silicone bra liao (^^)V