Thursday, 4 September 2008

Koh Samui: Day 4 (Last Day)

At 5am Thailand time, my i-phone beeped n i nudged jiahui...

me: miss, wake up shoot sunrise liao..
jiahui: -______-ZZZ

we got a driver for THB700 for a two-way trip to Lad Koh viewing point to catch the sunrise. supposed to be able to see sunrise from the horizon but it rained so there were so many dark clouds n all... -.- despite that, since we were there, i just fired away ^^

came back to ZZZ again then we walked along the beach to big buddha temple n i discovered that that is an excellent sunset viewing spot -.- haha...

Big Buddha Temple The buddha statue here is SUPER big but i didn't shoot it la... cos i'm Christian ma haha so not v fascinated =P but yeah, if you're buddhist, u'd be so fascinated... from far far, from our resort, u can see the statue...
go back resort, pack pack, chill, go airport. flight at 4:35pm, we were there at 2:30pm -.- stone n felt damn bored for more than an hour before heading to boarding gate... jiahui grumbled...

jiahui: wa lao this airport got NOTHING. if stranded here will be bored to death. stranded in changi at least got shopping...
me: ya lor... n no food also... will starve...

then we realised (after stoning for more than an hour) when proceeding to boarding gate that the airport has been renovated AND EXTENDED!!!! there was a whole row of nice boutique stores... jim thompson, harnn and tharn.... AAAHHHHH!!!!! we only had 10 mins to shop -.- i didn't even have time to whip out my cam to shoot the extension la! but it's nice... make sure u go shop shop a bit.

so bo pian... felt damn bang... felt even more bang when we came back and realised the harnn and tharn there is like HALF-PRICED... -.-

anyway, we were v impressed with the efficiency of the airport services and the cleanliness. the boarding gate also had a FREE snack corner where we could get sandwiches, juices etc... when there's FREE FOOD, singaporeans are happy people. then the way they packed us into colourful buggies that brought us to the plane was v organised and professional. impressed impressed... bangkok airways is quite good. n i actually didn't dare to check in my luggage cos i was afraid they'd lose it LOL... they call themselves the BOUTIQUE airline of asia sia... impressed. the food from singapore sucked but from thailand was delicious!

all in all, i like Koh Samui because it's not as commercialised or crowded (that's prob because we went during off-peak period and stayed at a quieter area). it's also cheaper than phuket and chiang mai. we went to 7-11 and for THB247 (SGD$10?) we got:

1 can heineken
2 cans diet coke
3 packets juice (juice for me, the above for jiahui)
6L water
1 bottle of low-fat meiji milk
2 cupcakes

cheap hor?