Thursday, 4 September 2008

Koh Samui

Temperature: sizzling
Humidity: dripping

=P we practically marinated ourselves in a mixture of SPF 50 sunblock and mozzie repellant with frequent basting as we roasted in the scorching sun... and still when i came back, chris said...

chris: wa dear! u look like minah!!
me: -.-

i imagine the Japanese tourists must go -.-??? since samui in Japanese means cold... LOL

but we thank God we came back safely last night amidst the political turmoil in Thailand. apparently (we heard from the hotel manager) the PAD party arrived in Koh Samui the day we did but the owner of the airport offered them one plane and packed them away. They ended up in bangkok... phew! heng ah! we read and saw on CNN that phuket international airport was closed and there were tourists stranded there... then on Tue, Bangkok was declared to be in a state of emergency so i got concerned smses from chris n my mum-in-law =P

but koh samui is all peace n quiet... absolutely no sign of any impending protest. the people there lead v simple lives and the hotel assured us everyday when we inquired that it's v safe... even then, chris told me specifically NOT TO BE TOO ADVENTUROUS, JUST STAY IN HOTEL... so... well, instead of riding scooter, we drove =P we also went snorkelling, trekking in search of waterfalls, elephant trekking =P got an earful when i returned...

me: ya, we didn't ride scooter... *grumble grumble*

kk, lemme sort out my photos and look out for posts on my travel to Koh Samui!! ^^