Friday, 31 October 2008

Public Transport

ever since cabbing became too expensive, i try to take alternatives... such as LRT, MRT and bus cos they're really much cheaper and quite convenient now.

on bus 81 today, i found a window seat but i cringed when i saw the oil stain on the window... you know the type when people with oily scalps piak! tiak their head on the glass and when they alight they leave a stain on the window panel???? =PPPPPPPP

gross... so i sat straight straight, tried not to fall asleep in case i accidentally touch that disgusting patch =PPPPPP

and don't you hate sitting at the end seat in an MRT then someone comes and PIAK!!! tiak their BIG ass right in your face... so rude -.-


wow... i'm really impressed with CC...

today i had to go to Meidi-ya to buy some beef n pork for steamboat party tomorrow...

me: eh... how to go Meidi ya from here ha?
CC: wat? where?
me: meidi ya, japanese supermarket at clark quay
CC: never hear before...
me: how to go clark quay MRT???
CC: say so ma... clark quay ha?
me: is it take bus go kovan then take MRT?
CC: ya, you take bus 81 from here go kovan is A mins. kovan go clark quay is B mins cos clark quay is one station after dhoby ghaut ma...
me: ooohhhh... so fast?
CC: ya, seng kang to clark quay is C mins ma, seng kang to harbourfront is D mins...
me: *stunned* O.O

so i went to take bus 81... but GAH! missed it -.- SMSed CC...

me: -.- i missed bus 81...
CC: if got 89 or 109 also can take. unless you want to wait... the next bus 81 coming in E mins. i checked iris.
me: *stunned* O.O

i didn't even dare ask her what iris was!!! WA!!!! so power... she knows exactly from here to there, there to there is how many how many mins!!! and she can recite tatatatatata like that!!! LOL i later found out iris is some SMS service for checking bus ETAs... cool...

haha... CC is so cute la. i adore her la... ^^

Thursday, 30 October 2008


West and Claire are eyeing the Oxbow tunnel or bungalow ^^ hope i can find it in the stores if not have to order from USA le...

Supiku Ingurisu???


my gf veron gave me two packs of korean face mask and i can't help but be tickled by their english description....

Sheet type mask pack supplying rich nutrients to the skin along with aromatic therapy of lemon oil, manufactured by moisturizing to velvet pearl extract, which Germanium, Selenium, amino acid ingredients give moisture and softness into the skin, takes care of the rough skin as delicate one, and cares about the skin as bright and clean.

Sheet type mask supplying rich nutrients to the skin manufactured by moisturizing to velvet red ginseng, which contains a lot of Germanium, helps smooth metabolism, gives health to the skin, cares about the skin surface as soft, protects the skin from external harmful environment and cultivates the skin texture as healthy.


i bet that's exactly how the japanese feel when i try speaking japanese to them LOL

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

School Bus

Singaporean parents complain our schoolbuses have no seat belts ha?

Look at this... schoolbus in India. so poor thing.... =(

Simple Salad Dressings: Japanese Dressing

An asian variation is Wafu salad dressing...

Mirin (Japanese Sweet Cooking Sauce)
Shoyu (Light Soy Sauce)
Rice Vinegar
Sesame Oil
White sesame seeds

Mirin : Shoyu : Rice Vinegar : Sesame oil = 2 : 2 : 2 : 1

Add sesame seeds (toasted if you r very eng... i think i need to get a sesame seed toasting pan.... it's a tiny frying pan with a wire mesh cover that you can lock in place then you swirl the sesame seeds in the pan.... Martha Stewart has one.... so cool. i should so quit my job and work for her la)

mix well and drizzle over lettuce (DRY ha!!! DRY!!!), sliced jap cucumber, cherry tomato.

i also like those sesame paste, miso dressings and those with daikon but lemme test the recipe first... first i need to find sesame paste cos it takes too long to pound/grind sesame seeds -.-

Simple Salad Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette

I feel that this is better and healthier than any store-bought ready-made dressings.

Balsamic vinegar
EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Manuka Honey
Freshly Ground Black Pepper

whisk 3 parts oil, 1 part vinegar, dash of salt and pepper, honey (one blob? LOL i don't know how much la. test test a bit if sweet enough then ok lor!).

when i am too lazy to wash the whisk, i use an empty mineral water bottle, pour everything in and shake vigorously. works just as well.

Drizzle over fresh (and DRY! must spin dry ha!) greens ^^

Some people add dijon mustard instead of honey but i prefer sweet =P the dijon mustard variation gives the dressing some kick though.

I guess you can use normal honey but manuka honey has a very unique flavour which i like... plus it's got many health benefits ^^

As for the oil, you NEED to use EVOO, sorry can't compromise on that...

Eat A Pita

I have always liked pita so was very excited when i found wholemeal pita at Takashimaya Cold Storage ^^ It's mini-sized (slightly smaller than palm size) and comes in a pack of 5.

Cut off a small segment to create a pocket. Warm it lightly on a heated non-stick pan to soften (cos it turns hard when you chill it in the fridge). I stuffed the pockets with sliced chicken ham, cheddar, lettuce and cilantro then toasted the pockets 1-2 mins on each side until lightly browned and cheese is melted then squirted some Jap mayo into it. It didn't taste as good as the smoked salmon one I made before with wasabi mayo. that one was POWER!

Some variations of stuffings you can use are shredded roast chicken (you can buy from cold storage roast section) with mango and vinaigrette (recipe in next post) or teriyaki chicken (buy from Tori-Q if you're too lazy to make) w jap mayo.

Makes a healthy and quick meal ^^

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

1 + 1 = 2

*thunder and lightning* KRING KRONG!!!!!!

i have...

1 + 1 = 2 strands of WHITE hair

and ling offered some words of encouragement... she said, "at least yours is countable."

thanks ah

*emo in one corner, lone dark cloud pouring rain over me, two strands of white hair out of place, tiak on face*

Monday, 27 October 2008

Spa Party

Weeee!!!! =D today's spa party was a GREAT success!!!! ^^ but we missed ling and lisa who could not join us (actually thankfully ling didn't come because the whole room was saturated in nail remover and nail polish fumes... v bad for baby =( so next time we'll just do face mask LOL)

i started planning the menu (mentally) about a week ago and yesterday i went to Takashimaya (hahaha... where else?? my favourite one-stop shopping destination) to pick up the stuff... i was trotting from one level to another, one corner to another up down left right... i carried SSOOOOO many things that my arms were aching so bad =P so i zonked off at 10pm =P

anw, i prepared door gifts for everyone. Each pack consists of a whitening face mask, eye mask, nail buffer, dead sea salt (for feet) and pumice so they can unwrap it and use it on the spot ^^

We had 3 teas:
Earl Grey (but of cos ^^ my favourite tea!!)
Rose Bud
Creme Caramel

Assorted Macarons

Assorted Cakes

Scones with whipped cream, butter and jam
Smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches
Chicken ham and cheese sandwiches
Egg Mayo on crackers

Smoked salmon with wasabi mayo on crackers

I bought the creme caramel tea from TWG, the newly-opened tea boutique at Taka basement 2. When the girl let me smell it, I was like, "GIMME ONE BOX!" It's sweet creamy aroma is absolutely delightful ^^ and each tea bag is made of organic cotton for optimal infusion. cool... and the packaging is so pretty ^^

after tea, the guys watched a bloody show about Genghis Khan and the girls proceeded to do their mani, pedi and face spa, complete with girl talk and giggles ^^

That's us soaking our feet ^^ (pic taken by rog cos Grace was steaming her face)

Here's someone's feet (not mine)

and pris painting her toenails...

The next party we're gonna do is pot-bless (like pot-luck) tim sum... yeah, i think it's easier than me getting everything =P so tiring... one person bring cha siew su.... one bring carrot cake etc etc...

i can't wait ^^

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Floral Arrangement

Haiz, i haven't practised floral arrangement for a long time and since i bought some flowers for Mr Tee's retirement party, i decided to do a simple arrangement which i placed on my japanese table by the window ^^

Claypot Chicken Rice

i had wanted to post this last week but i only just downloaded the pic...

one of those lazy dinner dishes i like to cook is claypot chicken rice.

chicken thigh meat or drum (chunks)
shiitake or dried chinese mushrooms
Lap Cheong (chicken sausages)
cilantro for garnish

dark n light soy sauce
sesame oil
oyster sauce
white pepper

i always skin chicken (unless i'm making fried chicken wings). so yeah, skin the chicken and marinate. measure rice (we use 1.5 cups although we normally eat one cup cos some will get stuck to the bottom) and water. place in claypot. bring to boil, stir then lower to simmer for 5-10 mins, covered. add chicken pieces (pour in the marinate gravy too) and mushrooms, lap cheong and simmer covered for another about 15-20 mins. garnish w cilantro and stir before serving.

chris also likes Ba Hoo (Pork Floss) with his claypot rice.

btw, pls don't ask me how much light. dark soy sauce etc to add cos i use agaration one. grace always likes to ask me "how much soy sauce? how much sesame oil?"... LOL i seriously don't know. just add enough... =P er... my timing also agaration one hor. u got to trial and error... haha.

Cute Bag ^^

teehee ^^ ling (CY's wife) got me this really cute bag ^^

AAAAWWWWW...!!!!!!! so cute!!!!! besides using it as a bag, i can also use it to put my small lunch boxes to bring to work ^^


Still on the same subject of men and women... people (actually it's Singaporean men) say Singaporean women want the 5Cs or is it now more? 6Cs? 7Cs?

Credit card
Country Club Membership

Well. i feel that Singaporean guys need to know that when girls say they WANT, majority do not mean they MUST HAVE. it's GOOD TO HAVE but not MUST have... out of the 6Cs, the most important to me are certificate and car. especially certificate... at the risk of sounding elitist.. hm... he has got to have at least the same educational qualifications as me... yeah. then that will ensure a good job (doctors are best =P but if not government job is good cos it's secure) and the rest will follow. car is good... because of the convenience. although i like BMW and other luxury cars, it's again a GOOD-TO-HAVE... but i draw the line at japanese cars... korean cars have inferior makes and don't even mention Malaysian and China car otherwise i don't friend you k!

but more important than the 6Cs to me are the following:


So if a guy has ALL the Cs but he is not a Christian, it's really hard... i mean, i probably won't even consider him... cos i think we will end up in a life of misery because of the different values and belief systems. we can't go to church together (which means a lot to me), we can't pray together, i can't ask him to pray for me etc. etc. and Christian men are less likely to be unfaithful (i say LESS likely, i never say WON'T) and even if they do, they are more likely to turn back (i have seen examples of friends like that k)... in uni, i had this rather close friend and he is such a nice guy plus he is from a rich family but we have different religions and we used to joke that if we had the same religious beliefs, we'd probably be good together hahaha...

Clever... is very important to me... by clever i mean street-smart and intellectually advanced. otherwise i will be v pek cek and cannot look up to him. in addition to that, what i know, he should know too (with the exception of "domestic" and "girly" skills like cooking, cleaning, sewing, fashion). what i don't know he MUST know especially financial and IT stuff. best if he is a guru. when i move my mouse and nothing happens, he's got to know how to fix it... yeah... clever also ensures good genes if we have kids...

Character... this one is obvious right? i mean, if a guy has all the Cs but is uncouth, uncultured, treats people badly, abuses animals (this one is a sin!), rude, has no integrity etc etc... then forget it la.

Chemistry... oh yeah... important... you're gonna spend your entire life with this person so you better have chemistry... you've got to be able to communicate and be v comfortable and real with this person. this is gonna make me sound lewd but i gotta be able to tahan seeing him naked cos that's what husbands and wives do right? if i get turned-off, then it's gonna be v v difficult... i knew one guy who had almost all the 6 Cs (with the exception of car and country club but he did procure them later after i got married) and he was v v furiously chasing me. he is also Christian and v v clever. but sorry la, i just had absolutely ZERO chemistry with him... i just cannot click with him. so i had to tell him that if he still wants to be friends, he's got to stop doing those things he does that make me uncomfortable.

when chris and i started dating, he was in the process of getting his "certificate" and he drove his dad's car. the rest, cash... i don't know la, i didn't check his bank account... credit card, condo, country club membership, carat of course he didn't have la! but he did get a debit card LOL... and the proposal ring he bought, although the diamond was not v big, he did make up for it on our 5th wedding anniversary ^^

so girls, be more realistic la, how can expect the guy to have so many Cs when you're dating... either he is from a filthy rich family or he is damn old. if you expect a guy to have all those Cs, you should also go take a look in the mirror, do you look like Fiona Xie or Lin Chiling, if yes, good for you. if not, are you from a filthy rich family? or you have something that makes you so special?

if not, wake up la. it means they're way out of your league.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Grace and jiahui read a lot... oh yeah, they read A LOT...

in the car, grace started sharing ALL the inside info she read on the net about wu zun...

me: wow grace you're hardcore...
grace: ^^ hee hee... i like to go and read about them. and just now every time he was stabbed, i felt my heart was stabbed too!
me: -_______-||| i'm surprised you're not the president of his fan club!
grace: hee ^^ no la, i support him quietly
jiahui: recently he was in town to promote the show nei
me: really?
grace: REALLY!!?????!!!! he was in town!!!!!!???? *dui look*
jiahui: i also read that he gave his first screen kiss to that girl...
grace: NO!!! he kissed ella before!!!
jiahui: that was TV show... this is big screen. his first big screem kiss went to the girl...
me: what a lucky B....
jiahui: heard when he went back to brunei to promote the show with her he brought her home to meet his parents...

tsk tsk tsk... they are so hardcore... LOL

Movie Review: Butterfly Lovers 10*

i have been looking forward to watch this period movie (chinese romeo and juliet) starring wu zun, the second most good looking man to walk the face of the earth (the first being takeshi kaneshiro) and finally managed to watch it this evening... tee hee hee (^^)V

this morning...

me: er dear, grace, jiahui n i going to watch butterfly lovers ha
chris: -.- you all three wanton women go ogle at handsome guy!!! he v handsome meh! i am more hamsen!!!
me: but dear, it's a chinese classic!
me: ya right...

basically this is an adaptation so it was not v faithful to the original story but we enjoyed it nonetheless, THOROUGHLY

before the show i MSNed grace...
me: eh, later don't squeal in the cinema hor!

but... but... but... we could not help but gasp at his handsome-ness =P i mean, this is one show in which the male lead is prettier than the female lead!!! we noticed he has a tiny scar on his right cheek near his ear but it's ok, a tiny blemish on a perfect face... he still looks flawless...

then got this really bad guy who wanted to kill him and sent his archers to shoot him.... first arrow pierced his upper back
grace n i: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
second arrow pierced through his lower back...

there weren't many people in the theatre so our screams were amplified with echo... we kena shhhhhh...! by other people... then grace'll cringe and squirm...
grace: oh no oh no.... her.... no... oh no....
when he was in danger... -.-

but i must say he looks way cool in the fighting scenes... there was one scene he flew down (he knows kungfu) from the roof and descended in slow mo we went...
grace n i: *GASP* WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! so shuai!

his acting was raw and stiff but we ALL forgave him for that since he is so good-looking... and i give 10*: 1* for every 10 mins of wu zun ^^

eh... at least i watch show for handsome guy i will admit k! not like people who say go car show see car... ya right....

and that bad guy.... i think he will be the nemesis of all teenage girls who have watched this show because he killed our handsome hero... here's a pic of him for your dartboard...

Bye Bye Mr Tee *sobs*

we had a surprise farewell party for Mr Tee today. I got my HOD to write an email saying there's a "meeting" and he even improvised and added one more line "CC please take minutes"


the plan was to have it in the garden and ling was supposed to bring Mr Tee down and we all go SURPRISE!!!!

then it rained... -.-

so we had to use the conference room and i pictured us all in the room... dark dark then when ling comes w Mr Tee, we switch on the lights and go SURPRISE!!!!

it didn't happen that way -.-

cos Mr Tee was a bit kan cheong he came down n when i returned with the two flasks of hot water (for drinks) i saw Mr Tee outside the room!!!! AAAHHHH then june inside the room faster switch off lights and then we all !!!! don't know what to do cos Mr Tee just opened the door and came in...

but he still didn't realise there was a party for him... he thinks it's just refreshments for the meeting. LOL

then we gave him the bazooka tripod bag (the one CY has) and his response later was, "wa, i need to buy a (telephoto) lens big enough to put inside ah..."


we also gave him CP vouchers and he asked..

T: =DDDD can buy one lens???
me: can... 50mm f/1.8, if want filter need to top up LOLLLLL
T: her her her her her ^^

i feel quite disappointed that it was not perfectly executed *sobs* hm...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

-.- just now on our way back, in the lift, there was this annoying guy who was smoking before that then he brought his cigarette in!!! i showed the most pissed face i could muster....

v what one nei! people trapped inside breathe in his second hand smoke only...

he heng i didn't have my shadowless sword w me... if not i sure draw it liaoz.


kao... the whole world is pregnant...

ling is pregnant
lydia from my ministry is pregnant
my office got pregnant ladies walking around

gahmen will be so thrilled...

Legend Of The Shadowless Sword

occasionally i enjoy a good period kungfu movie (HAIYA!) and recently we watched a korean one with pretty impressive choreography. i was upset that the male lead is not handsome AT ALL but heng got two chiobus and they can really fight. the plot crawled painfully in the first half (i zzz) but i continued watching the next day and was rather intrigued by the engaging fighting scenes.

one scene which i liked v much was a duel between the good guy's friend and the bad guy. the bad guy who looked bleddy pissed (they always look bleddy pissed one) drew his sword, slashed into the air once, placed back his sword and his opponent appeared seemingly unscathed with no sign of injury... he even smiled back at the bad guy like jeering, "you missed you idiot!"



the opponent's pulse points all exploded kerpiang kerpiang kerpiang!!!! kerpish! kerpish! kerpish! blood spurt out from all directions.


sometimes i'd imagine i am a kungfu exponent and i always imagined myself to be THAT powerful. just draw my sword n slot back. no need to do anything. my opponents all DIE! cos i'm soooooooo fast that no one can see my sword, they only see me draw it n put it back... yeah, my sword is so fast it's shadowless...

way cool la.

How To Care For Your Camera Equipment

This post is courtesy of Grouch, who posted it on another blog, which I ripped with her permission:

Firstly, I cringe to see scratches.
Secondly, I hate to see thumbprints.
Thirdly, having mould in your lens is a crime.

Ever gone shooting for an event or a shoot out whereby you sling your camera on your shoulder, and you leave the lens cap in the pocket of your jeans or your bag and totally forget about it? When you walk near someone, he/she bumps into your camera, or the side of your lens knocks into a pillar?

On close inspection when you get home, your filter is full of scratches and dust, thumbprints?


Next. Did you ever have any near miss incidents when your camera strap snaps (that shouldn't happen at all because the strap is designed to hold weight if you put it in properly) and your camera falls off your shoulder, and the tip of the lens hits the floor?

Your filter breaks? You should consider yourself lucky that your front element didn't break or even suffer a scratch from the broken bits of the filter...


Your lens hood will protect your lens because more often than not, the hood hits the floor first and if your hood is usually quite strong... If it breaks, it beats breaking your lens, RIGHT?

Everytime you shoot, there seems to be this stubborn spot of dirt on your photo but there doesn't seem to be any dust particles on your lens... That because the dust particle is on your CCD/CMOS, you goondoo...!

LESSON NO. 3: ALWAYS COVER THE CAMERA MOUNT WHILE CHANGING LENSES! (And switch off your camera when you do so! The static charges in the camera will be able to attract dust easily, even if the shutter is closed.)

Using the blower to blow into your camera is not encouraged. Sometimes, the blower will blow dust particles on your CCD/CMOS, and hence you will feel even more dui... cos if you covered your camera properly, there wouldn't be so much dust in your camera in the first place! When wiping your lenses/filters, make sure there are no small sand particles on the filter because... when you wipe with that sand particle under your cloth...

TADA! A brand new scratch across your pretty B+W/Heliopan/Lee/Nikon/Hoya/Tianya/wadever filters! Whooohooo!

And if you find that your lens is getting kind of foggy...

Heh heh heh...

You better open your aperture to the max (for F-mounts, either turn your aperture ring to the widest or pull a little spring lever at the base of the mount for the G-mounts) and point your lens to a light source and look through it.

Something looking like a spider web ebbing at the side of your lens and even the centre of your lens element??

Your lens is a biohazard now... Who ask you leave it outside in the nice, warm and humid air of our lovely island Singapore...
And yes, please don't put that biohazard back in with your other equipment esp the dry box/cabi because... like rotten apples, the mould will also "spread" to the other clean lenses.

LESSON NO. 4: ALWAYS KEEP YOUR LENS IN A DRY BOX OR CABINET WHEN NOT IN USE. (For budget constraints, get a lock and lock box, reusable silica gel and a hygrometer. The humidity in the dry box should be around 30 to 50% RH. A too low RH not only causes the lubricants in your camera to dry up, it also causes growth of a certain kind of fungus. RH above 50% encourages growth of most fungus. For people with bigger budgets, just buy an electronic dry cabi that will maintain constant RH for you, but you'd need an extra power plug for that. Beware of 20% growth in electrical bills!)

Lastly and most importantly...
Always carry your camera around in a proper camera bag/padded compartments. By throwing your camera into your backpack (tsk tsk, especially your frail, plastic 400D bodies) the other items in your bag will rub against and scratch your camera body and violate it badly. THINK OF YOUR PRECIOUS CAMERA BODY! T_T

And yes... If you shoot film never check in your film with your luggage at the airport... The x-ray in the machines will expose the film. Be careful when you put your items through the scanner and make sure it is labelled "Film safe" if not you will cry and bleed over your wasted 10 rolls of slides and negatives.
(Like what I almost kena when I came back from Perth.)

Xian Hua Cha Zai Niu Fen Shang

Xian Hua Cha Zai Niu Fen Shang means placing fresh flowers on cowdung...

someone gave me a box of Royce champagne chocolates so i shared it with my colleagues...

CC and me: =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD her her her!!!
HY: *popped one into his mouth* not bad, tastes like rocher
CC n me: -.-
HY: *aware that we are offended* er... taste like... kit kat
CC n me: -.-
CC n me: *unanimously* Xian Hua Cha Zai Niu Fen Shang!

the chocolate so good you compare it to ferrero rocher and kit kat????!!!!! -.-

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Truly Retro

wa, the hotel we are holding our D&D at is truly retro... which fits our theme PERFECTLY ^^ yeah, our theme is retro (and geraldine thinks i should go in my sec sch uniform cos it's retro -.-) well, due to budget constraints and the need for a halal kitchen, we chose Furama hotel at chinatown, a lok kok hotel...

but wait! your retro experience starts the moment you exit CTE (havelock) to get there cos the roads are uni-directional!! just like old days =D and one wrong turn means you have to turn here turn there! weeee!!! what an adventure =DDD then the carpark! oooo.... use old teknologi! got to INSERT the cash card into the machine one! not the ERP gantry type. woo hoo!!! and it's so narrow n difficult to manoevre ^^ is dark dark and cramped like those in sim lim... v retro ^^

the ballroom WA lagi more retro ^^ the carpet is black with psychedelic patches WEEEE! sure to match our outfits =)

can't wait to see everyone's response that night man =P

Go Auto Go!

today i had a girlie outing w some of my colleagues to recce our D&D venue. isnie was driving...

isnie: i got my license v fast, when i was on maternity leave
me: ooohh... how many times did u have to take the test??
isnie: once
everyone: WA!!!
me: you wore short skirt right??
isnie: no la!
me: but my husband says wear short skirt low cut top confirm will pass...
isnie: no, you must dressed professionally... best tell them our profession, they will think we'd make good drivers and let you pass ^^
me: ooohhh?
isnie: take auto it's v easy to pass ^^
me: but my husband's car is manual -_______-|||
isnie: then too bad he has to change car la! and choose a really inconvenient day for the test, like Christmas eve or something... then the examiner wants to go home early he won't test you for too long
everyone: haha
isnie: i had mine on a friday afternoon he was in a hurry to go home so he didn't even test me on parallel parking!! ^^
HH: AAHHH!!! i failed first time because of that!! >.<
isnie: so up til now, i can't parallel park!!! =P

hm... can consider... take auto driving, dress decently, tell them my profession, choose Christmas eve to do test.... hm *rub chin*

i told chris about this in the car this evening...

me: dear dear, my colleague passed first time nei!! she said auto v easy...
chris: -.- auto license is NOT license
me: but can drive can le ma
chris: REAL drivers drive manual... *vroom his suzuki swift*
me: will you change to auto car if i pass??? ^^
chris: pass first then say
me: *grumble grumble*


chris is v hee kuan one... he'd show n teach me the lastest coolest stuff i can do w my gadgets and say i can't show off -.-

he just taught me how to use my i-phone to control my keynote presentations...

me: wow! tmr i am leading worship (for ministry meeting) no need to print songsheets liao! i can just use keynote
chris: no dear! that is v ATAS!!!
me: and control it w my phone!! =DDDDDD
chris: that will be SUPER SHOW-OFF. we all wong family members are v humble!

-.- so i have to use ol' teknologi n print out songsheets cos cannot show off -.- *grumble grumble*

Monday, 20 October 2008

Yi Shan Hai You Yi Shan Gao

Yi Shan Hai You Yi Shan Gao means you thought one mountain is tall until you see a taller one, normally used to say that you can always find someone/something that far supersedes what you are/have seen. usually used in a good way but i can't think of anything else to describe what i watched on TV today...

sometime ago i blogged about a TV prog in which featured a disgustingly filthy home and Kim's (the host's) mission to clean it up... it's here.

well, today i watched another one and the aforementioned Chinese idiom popped into my head. the hosts are Quan Yifeng and Chris Lee and the title of the programme is "Life Transformers", a series which aims to help those in need by attempting to improve their living conditions.

today's episode is about 4 siblings, three of whom are mildly mentally challenged. the only normal one is the eldest brother who also happens to be the breadwinner of the family. he has one younger brother and two younger sisters, one of whom has TWO kids aged 5 and i think 2. he earns about $1200 a month and supports the entire family...

when the TV crew visited their home, they were astounded as despite the scarce furnishing (only a sofa and an altar), the air within was v stale. entering their bedroom was the horror of horrors! there were trash, soiled nappies, food that has gone bad, clothes strewn everywhere amidst a patchwork of mattresses on the floor. there were cockroaches and lizards, cockroach eggs, cobwebs EVERYWHERE. the entire family sleep in that room as they rent out the other room in the house for some extra income.

then when chris lee opened the toilet door, they almost fainted... because the toilet bowl was BROWN in colour, with whatever stains ALL OVER.

it really pained the hosts to witness this because it isn't that the family is lazy or filthy or what, it's simply because they absolutely have no sense of hygiene and cleanliness. they also have no concept of apportioning their spending e.g. they'd buy n cook loads of rice then throw away what they can't finish. what made me feel v sad is the two children who live in such conditions... the little girl who is 5 is not attending any kindergarten. when quan quizzed her, it was evident that she had no concept of simple numerals (quan wrote "123" and the girl said "123" but when she wrote "782" she read "272"), chinese charaters (quan wrote the chinese charaters for "big" and "small", the little girl said she didn't know) and simple english (quan drew an apple and the girl only knew the hokkien word for it... she doesn't know "apple"). the elder brother said he will send her to school when she is older such as EIGHT! overly protective, he is worried that she may get bullied or injured.

it's their mission to find volunteers to help clean up the house, find a kindergarten for the girl and help them apply for some subsidies.

so in came the volunteers to clean the house. however, because the house is so pest-infested, they had to FUMIGATE the place. when the clean-up crew went in, they found more creepy crawlies EVERYWHERE... one girl who lifted the toothbrushes realised the bristles were BLACK cos they placed the toothbrush bristle part down. one even had blood stains... *shudder*

these good samaritans then scrubbed, cleaned, mopped and painted the house, went to salvation army to pick up some decent furniture (such as bed frames) and threw out any unwanted stuff. quan and chris brought the elder brother to the relevant organisation to apply for subsidies for utilities charges and conservancy fees as well as kindergarten fees.

after they finished cleaning the room and living room, there was one more room to clean: the storeroom... no one dared to open the door because they feared what they'd find in there. so they lom jiam pass-ed and the loser had to open the door. everyone got ready with face masks... 1... 2... 3... OPEN! HWA!!!!!!!! the pong....!!! quan described it as PUTRID, like "unearthing a grave" and one girl said the smell was bi sheng nan wang (cannot forget for life). the smell was so bad that the neighbours closed their doors... yeah... and it's actually empty because a neighbour helped to throw out all the stuff the day before but there were still remains of tonnes of cockroach eggs n dead baby cockroaches...

but the good thing is that this family got the help they needed and the little girl started school at a nearby kindergarten. i believe they were also taught the basics of hygiene and maintenance.

i hope they will realise the importance of education n let the younger boy start school earlier.

Jamie Oliver's Tortillas

told ling i will share this with her...

Tortillas (u can get these in supermarkets. they come in packs of 10. at compasspoint supermart, it's at the ham section. they have wholemeal varieties)
spring onion (chopped)
cilantro (chopped)
grated cheddar

mix cilantro, spring onion n cheddar. toast one sheet of tortilla in non-stick pan. spread out a handful of the mixture over tortilla. cover with another sheet of tortilla. toast toast toast, turn over toast toast toast... until cheese melts and tortilla is crisp. cut into wedges and serve immediately. you may add sauteed mushrooms if you want ^^

the first time i tried this, i was surprised at how delicious it is despite the simple ingredients ^^

warning: excessive flatulence may result due to the spring onion n cilantro so don't eat this before a movie or concert! =P

Excuse Me, Are You CC?

that day i was out jogging and i saw someone whose back silhoutte looked EXACTLY like my colleague CC. i was about to holler until i spotted something... then i confirm, chop stamp + guarantee it's not her...

she was walking her dog

(CC, has zoophobia and will NEVER EVER have a pet)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Wu Liao

talking about bread... i recall this wu liao joke...

Q: bread and kopi, which one is more talkative??
A: bread. cos bread talk but kopitiam



Saw this shop in maxwell road food centre...

if i'm brad pitt, i don't know whether to laugh or to cry LOL

[photo taken with my i-phone]

Cute Chipmunks

i find this quite cute... chipmunks singing in hokkien... LOL

Saturday, 18 October 2008

One Year Old = Old

chris: so dear, later we go apple shop ah? thanks dear ^^
me: -_________-|||
chris: my macbook is so fat *sulk* and the keys not black *sulk sulk* and the touch pad not glass *sulk sulk sulk* and the screen not all the way to the edge *sulk sulk sulk sulk*
me: but you just got your macbook last year!!! it's still so new!
chris: er... one year old is v old le...
me: one year old = old???? see lah, my fine bone china can use for many years... can pass down as heirloom some more.. so worth it -.-
chris: neh mind la neh mind la, i use old teknologi la... neh mind la

apple hor, v hee kuan one, always chute new pattern near chris birthday one -.- last year also...


Ah... Earl Grey...! ^^

hehehe... my fav tea: Earl Grey... in a v pretty cup ^^ i'm in a good mood ^^ n chris n i r ok le (^^)V

Winter Melon Soup

I love winter melon soup because i think it's v healthy and delicious ^^ here's my version:

meat (skinless chicken breasts or half a chicken or aussie pork ribs)
winter melon (one slice or wedge, seeds removed, cut into big cubes)
Gan Bei conpoy (about 4)
Gou Ji Zi wolfberries
Nan Xing Bei Xing (chinese almonds... they're called south almonds and north almonds... one of them is sweet the other is bitter but i can never rmb =P)
Wu Hua Guo dried figs (about 2-3)
best if got Jin Hua Huo Tui (premium chinese ham) but gotta get from chinese dried goods store... i don't have it today la so skip that
salt to taste
cilantro for garnish

place everything in pot, add water and simmer for 2-3 hours. if using pork ribs, you should scald them w hot water first to remove chao chao smell (which is why i don't usually use pork ribs... so ma fan).

actually i've always wanted to use big big winter melon, dig out the seeds, carve it with design and zig zag top then steam it with the ingredients inside... so cool but i don't have a steamer big enough la! haha...

Thermal Magic Pot

Usually on weekends I will cook lunch and when i cook, it's usually v simple one. one soup one veg one meat. When I'm too lazy to double boil or use the rice cooker, i'd use my thermal magic pot. it works like the slow cooker except it uses convection currents instead of electricity (yeah, so no electrical cords). really convenient especially if you want to bring food to a picnic or outdoor party. keeps the food hot. i have two, one bigger for the two of us and a tinier one which i bring to work sometimes...

today i made winter melon w conpoy soup (recipe in next post).

well, u place all your soup ingredients in the soup pot and bring to boil. wash your rice, measure the water and place them in the smaller rice tray. let the soup and rice (rice tray rests on the soup pot) simmer, covered, for about 20-30 mins then transfer to the vacuum thermal pot and snap it tight.

go do your whatever for 2 hours.

voila! soup and rice! rice tray and soup pot both come with handles for easy removal. btw, the rice looks patchy cos i used half white rice half brown rice.

Spinach - Korean Style

Donno whether you have tried spinach in a korean restaurant. It's a cold dish that they usually serve as an appetiser at the beginning. Here's how you can make some at home:

Time: 10-15 min
Shoyu (soy sauce)
Sesame oil
Mirin (Jap sweet cooking sauce)
Sesame seeds

Blanch the spinach. Remove from water and plunge into ice bath to stop cooking process. Squeeze out whatever water u can from the spinach and place them in a big bowl. mix 1:1:1 of mirin, shoyu and sesame oil plus some sesame seeds and pour over spinach. using hands (or spoon/fork), mix it around, loosen the leaves as they're all clumped up (when u squeezed out the water just now). Sprinkle with more sesame seeds and serve. It's a delightfully refreshing dish ^^

To Market To Market To Buy A Fat Pig

that's a nursery rhyme i learnt when i was young...

anyway, today when i was in the market (after my jogging), i really wished i had my camera cos i saw two great photo opportunities..

a whole area of BIG FAT red ants. yeah, they're so BIG at least 1cm in length each... and so many of them... really a lot a lot... and got one ant got attitude problem one, gave me the "ler kua si mi" look... would have made an excellent macro shot...

then when i was waiting for the fish uncle to de-gill my garoupa, i spotted a beautiful cat (looks like Spooky) perched expectantly behind uncle, eyeing my garoupa... wished i had my 50mm f/1.8... picture the composition in my mind... cat a bit off-centre to the right, uncle chopping fish on wooden board on left, bottom front is the row of fish for sale, cat in focus, everything else blur... wa, what a nice pic...

so actually, more important than a good camera (D700, D3, 5D, 5D mkII?) is a great photo op.

the right time, the right place, the perfect subject...

-.- ok, i am trying to make myself feel better cos i have no money to upgrade my gear or switch to nikon la. LOL


i am at war...

this kind of war is neither bloody nor piang piang piang piang piang noisy...
no, u also don't fight w your index finger
you fight by not doing anything, bochap-ing n not talking

it's called COLD WAR

yap, the winner is the one who can outlast the opponent and NOT be the first one to talk

but i think my war will end soon... this morning i went jogging n marketing. on my way back, i met my opponent at the lift

chris: i'm going to bring car for repair
me: i'm cooking lunch
chris: repair already i come back eat

whenever i engage in cold war, i ALWAYS win, cos i NEVER talk first. it's always either chris or melody... melody is my soft toy. my alter-ego kinda like calvin and hobbes so technically, it's not me talking FIRST, it's her (neh, top left is her photo). so melody will start by whining, sms-ing or MSN-ing chris... "you made ann cry" or "you don't love us anymore" or "melody is sad chris n ann not talking" and wait for chris' reply...

thing is, as a Christian, it's diff to engage in cold war for too long... cos every saturday we go to church right... and i can't pray and sing praises to God yet have this nagging cold war behind me. i can't put the offering in the offering bag cos Matthew 5:23, 24 in the bible says,

"Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift."

and then if got communion ho say liao lor... got to recite The Lord's Prayer...

"Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us"

then over Sunday dinner at my in-laws', my father-in-law will pray some super long prayer (until the dishes cold le)


like that how to cold war?? -.-

Friday, 17 October 2008

Thank God It's Friday?

I felt horrible today... because I had something weighing on me last night... it's about my work and i felt i had no one to talk to. i tried talking to chris but his reply upset me... so i refused to talk and we cold war... until now...

last night was one of the loneliest moments of my life... i walked home from compasspoint n i cried... i felt that no one understood how i felt... i prayed but i didn't instantly feel better... i felt lonely... i could not talk to chris, grace was busy w production week, pris didn't pick up her phone, jiahui was busy too... geraldine was on-line, but there're things i can't tell her (because it involves my work)...

this morning i took a bus to work...

then i wanted to tell cc but i think she is busy with an important deadline so i didn't... i couldn't concentrate on my work... i was distracted... i almost lost something cc lent me cos of my forgetfulness... then i had to meet so many clients and had a horrible lunch... i did get the chance to talk to cc n mich during lunch though...

then i prayed again for courage and spoke to my boss, explained things to him and he said he understands... so, that's settled n good...

but i don't feel better... why? because chris still has not spoken to me since last night... i came home... so tired i slept for two hours...

then i read a tag on another blog n someone i love wrote something hurtful (i don't know deliberately or not)... ok, i did write something in jest that may have hurt that person...

tears come gushing down...

Thursday, 16 October 2008


I have been wanting to write about this but keep forgetting...

spoilers... no no not the twist or ending of the movie your friend blurts out that kills the anticipation... it's those ABAS-looking (ABAS stands for Ah Beng Ah Seng) perky backside things on the car boot. i'm refering to those people add on, the super high a la F1 types on ordinary cars -.-

i don't understand why people even NEED them... i mean how fast can u travel in Singapore?? 80kmh? what's the spoiler for? for bernoulli's effect what. at high speeds it's supposed to create a force that presses the car down so the wheels grip the tarmac (opp from the plane's mechanism which creates a lifting effect to launch it). but if you travel at 80kmh, what diff does it make? so it serves no purpose... not even aesthetically k? cos it's not even AESTHETIC -.- (k lor, diff people r diff la, some people think it's aesthetic but others like me don't think so)

then there are those little fins... for lay leo reception or GPS i think. but do u really need 10 fins lined on the top of your back window?? looks like the spikey looking character in X-men -.- one fin is ok (some BMWs have one fin ^^) but 10 = over-kill. got 10 means better reception ha??? can hear USA lay leo stations is it? -.-

there are other v kua zhang things people do to their cars... tsk tsk tsk...

i don't know about u but i feel that heavily mod-ed cars are like people who go for excessive plastic surgery... not natural... i don't like.

just a word of caution for these people who are addicted to mod-ing their cars: Michael Jackson

Birthday Present


Apple very hee kuan one nei
Got new macbook
Got new cinematic display monitor

yesterday in the car...

me: dear, grouch ask whether u buying the new macbook nei? please don't tell me u r buying hor...
chris: no i'm not. YOU are. thanks dear ^^ my birthday is coming ^^


New Shampoo Scent - Ash -.-

You know how i like to have my hair shampoo-ed right? n especially if i need to be out after work til late, i need to go to a salon to wash my hair otherwise by the time i reach home it's too late (n i'm too tired n sleepy) to shampoo... i'm not being atas, i'm being clean. i need to wash my hair EVERY day otherwise next day my sculp will be oily (for this reason, i cannot go join SURVIVOR or backpack in countries without running water... AND, i cannot tahan confinement when you cannot wash hair for ONE MONTH!)

past few weeks we have been having singing practice at jo's at place so i have been going to jean yip near my office for a shampoo before going to her place.

yesterday, when the hairstylist ran his fingers through my hair, i was like -.- GAH! so stink! they smelled of cigarettes... and he had long nails which didn't look v clean. you are a hairstylist cum chain smoker. the least u could do is get rid of that offensive smell before you touch your clients' hair right? imagine i pay money to get my hair washed n blown then i walk out smelling like an ash tray??? v pek cek... i tried to loon... but after 2 mins, i cannot tahan... so i breathed (at least i didn't roar k)...

me: ni de shou... you xiang yan de wei dao + buay song look (your hand smells of cigarettes + irritated look)
he: oh oh sorry sorry...

so he got his female colleague (somehow females seldom have that problem) to stand in for him while he went to wash/scrub/disinfect/deodorize his hands (i don't care, just please don't run your cigarette-fingers through my hair -.-)

some people... v not professional one...

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Takai Desu Ne

takai = expensive

sheesh... jap yen on the rise... ho say liao lor... can't raid Bic Camera shop at Namba Osaka liao la.

Support a Demonstration? Protest?

I received an email from my Ikebana teacher to support a "Demonstration at Central" i was like ????!!!! what? they're having a demonstration? for what??

then i realised it's an IKEBANA demonstration... he n some senior members of the clan will be demo-ing ikebana at Central this Sun la...

for a moment i thought i was in some recre club with hidden political agenda... *phew*


Don't you HATE receiving spam?? i especially hate receiving those with subjects like "Make Your Girl Come Over and Over Again!"


Why do they keep sending such emails to me?? and to my work email, even after i have set up the security to block them... they manage to filter through. but now it's better, i used to open my email every morning and spend like 2 minutes clearing these disgusting mail before i can start reading...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bag It Properly

I don't know about you but I get v v upset when the supermart check-out staff ANYHOW bag my groceries. i know it's not v environmentally friendly but there are certain BASIC rules i think they should know

they should always separate:

meats from veg n fruits
seafood from everything else (esp if a bit wet)
frozen n non-frozen
non-edibles like detergents from edibles
soft (like bread) from hard (like Nutella)
and pack heavy stuff at the bottom (don't squeeze leafy veg under heavy watermelon)

so today i wanted to cook my usual simple dinner of herbal chicken soup, steamed fish n veggies and stopped by at the PRIME minimart near my place. at the check-out counter was this new guy (he looks 30+, 40 but he is new). i tried to avoid him liao but all counters had long Q only his was the shortest...

he went for the leafy veg first but i quickly passed him the half a chicken n pomfret -.-
then he wanted to pack the cilantro n xiao bai cai TOGETHER with the chicken and pomfret -.-
i asked for it to be separated
then he BENT my cilantro IN HALF and stuffed it into the bag

i -.- unbent it and looked v peeved...

this guy has totally no cow sense... i won't say which Country He comes from if not you all say I discrimiNAte against them.

the other time he packed my loaf of bread and Nutella together i -.- removed the bread n carried it on its own. you put Nutella WITH bread wait go back the bread will have Nutella mould one nei!!!!

then there was another time he bent my caixin, squeezed it RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM, n placed everything else on it -.- like that my leafy veg become not leafy liao. i *tu tu tu smoke blow from ears*

next time must remember not to Q up at his counter... v pek cek. i suspect everyone else also avoids his counter that's why his has the shortest Q

*grumble grumble*

Fridge Trauma

Yeah yeah... i cleaned the fridge in office pantry again today and threw out:

3 wrinkled apples
one tub of one month old chin chow
one box of rock hard 1.5 month's old donuts... i kok-ed it w my forefinger n it's hard like those ring toy kids play... you know those they throw at a rod see whether can hook on? -____________-|||
expired one month soya bean milk

other gross stuff i have picked out last time are here.


*pluck petals from chrysanthemum*

Ken Nern...
Nee Kon...
Ken Nern...
Nee Kon...
Ken Nern...
Nee Kon...
Ken Nern...
Nee Kon...

Dear Kelly*

I have been going out with Ken Nern for more than a year (my good friend Roy introduced him to me) and he has been nice and faithful to me. My first Darling-Sweetheart-Love-Romance, we shared many happy moments together especially Nov last year when we went for our first trip to Japan together. We were in each others' arms practically everywhere we went. I have gotten to know him even better during our recent Koh Samui trip when we talked alot and I found out many interesting things about him.

But I met Nee Kon and have not been able to forget him at all... his sexy voice just makes my knees go weak every time I hear it. He also has a more sturdy body and I feel excited whenever I see him. Compared to Nee Kon (whose body is really hot), Ken Nern feels like a boy... Although we have met a few times, I don't really know Nee Kon very well but I think he likes me too. In addition, My BFF Geraldine and guy friend Tee keep raving that he is such a great guy. Recently, Geraldine told me that Nee Kon is available.

I feel very confused as I'm about to marry Ken Nern but I cannot forget Nee Kon. I'm afraid that if I marry Ken Nern and keep thinking about Nee Kon, Ken and I may end up in a divorce which will be very costly. I want to enter into a relationship with Nee Kon... Yet I fear that if I break off with Ken Nern, I am breaking away from what is familiar and entering into something on impulse and may regret it...

Please advise me.


*Kelly writes for TEENAGE magazine

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Aw.... So Cute!!!

my kor MMSed this pic of my darling nieces to me! AAAAAAWWWWW...... super duper cute!!!! ^^ left is kyrstin (elder) right is gwyneth.

10% + 10% NOT = 20%

one gimmick merchants always use is they'd put up a sign that says 10% off! and another "members get ADDITIONAL 10% off!" and some gong gong singaporeans will think WA! ho say la! 10 + 10 = 20% off ah???


it's not k? 10% + 10% = 19%

let's say the shirt costs $100. after 10% discount it costs $90. another 10% off from the $90 means the final cost is $81. so the discount is actually 19%.

in general how to calculate nei?

take (1-0.1)(1-0.1) = 0.81 so u pay 81% of U.P. which means it's 19% off.

20% + 15% off means

u pay (1-0.2)(1-0.15) = 0.68 so it's 68% of U.P. so it's 32% off.

so 100x% + 100y% = [(1-x)(1-y)]x100 % of U.P. la

so does it matter whether it's 20% + 15% or 15% + 20%? u so smart, u say nei?

I Bought D700!!!!

Bluff you one la =P

but my exhilaration now is as though Mr Tee just bought D700... cos i finally bought the Japanese Noritake Bone China Blue Sorrentino teaset i have been eyeing for the past year!!! taka is having a 20 + 15 % (which is NOT 35% hor... it's actually 32%) discount so after checking the internet, compare it if i buy from Nagoya tax-free, taka is still cheaper... so i bought it yesterday =D

why am i so fascinated with bone china? i also don't know. bone china has the same effect on me as cameras to Mr Tee, the latest gadgets to chris, big big diamond to cc (er... actually to me too =P)... etc etc. i just find drinking tea from a pretty bone china cup extremely turn on. u caress the cup... admire it's curves, let your lips run over the edge, your heart pumps with exilaration and blood gush to your head and drink the tea like it's elixir, wa! SHUANG!

well, what exactly is bone china? it's a special kind of porcelain where bone ash has been added to increase its strength. how do you tell whether something is bone china? bone china is characterised by its translucency. if you lift a piece of bone china to the light n put your finger between the light source n the bone china, u should be able to see your fingers like this and apparently if you "flick" the edge of a cup, you should hear a clear ring (this i have not mastered... will keep practising... although this morning i thought i heard it when flicking my Hancook Saint James korean fine bone china teacup). bone china is also much more expensive than normal porcelain n china.

Good bone china lasts a lifetime (unlike electronic gadgets which is here today n Ol' teknologi tomorrow!) and often get passed down as heirlooms ^^ wa! i can pass to... who ha? -.- we got no kids nei... pass to my nieces la. of course, the D3 of fine bone china is Waterford Wedgwood but that's way way out of my league la. ONE teacup n saucer costs more than $100 -.- Grace is saving up to buy that but for now, i'm v v pleased with my Noritake ^^

The Forbidden Kingdom - (-1)*

chris and i were quite looking forward to renting this movie on Apple TV so when it was released on 8th Oct, we purchased and downloaded it to watch yesterday and boy, did we regret it =( i can only summarise the experience in one word: excruciating.

despite the stellar cast of Jet Li and Jackie Chan (and that pretty girl i like as Little Dragon Girl in Return of the Condor Heroes and Wang Yu Yan in Heavenly Dragon Eight Steps, whose name i don't know), the movie was a dud. PIAK! dud. i dozed off twice so i'm sorry can't really give you a full synopsis except that it's a fantasy about some ang mo SGN who travelled back in time with a weapon, supposedly the Jin Gu Bang (Jin - 'Golden', Bang - 'Rod', Gu i don't know la so it's some golden rod) of the great Monkey King to release the latter from his captivity (he was encast in stone by evil god) *yawn*

what i found most disturbing was that the characters spoke English in a Chinese Kung Fu movie. it's just wrong. it sounded almost profane. Monkey King speaking English sounds worse then dubbed anime in English. that's why i say it was excruciating.

Forget about it la. n the ang mo guy is some unknown who is not even handsome -.- if it was Brandon Fraser (with his toned "Mummy" body, not flabby "Centre of the Earth" one), i'd have given it 0 star.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

My Husband Says The Darnest Things

First it's the deliberate mis-pronunciation of the word 'doubt'...

then yesterday i was sms-ing a colleague and i told chris...

me: oh... my colleague HY is going to Yunnan...
chris: why? is he balding??
me: -.- i meant going to Yunnan CHINA for holiday!!! -_______-|||

Our Feet Smell But Noses Run???

friday during bible study there was a question about "doubts" and chris pronounced it "douBts"...
me: er dear, it's 'douts', u don't pronounce the b... it's like debts, you pronounce 'dets'.
chris: is it? douBBBBts.
me: -.-
CY: *in his usual serious voice* i believe it's a silent 'b'
chris: oh? douBBBts
me: you purposely one...

then we digressed for a while and came up with a bunch of "which is correct"?

CY: now, do you say "comprises" or "comprises of"?
me: comprises, consists OF.
CY: *nods*

CY: and do you say "i'm paging for someone or i'm paging someone" as in a shopping centre announcement.
me: 'paging for' is for announcement. 'paging' is when u use pager (last century's teknologi)... i think (i'm actually not v sure on this one...)
CY: *not v convinced*

and since we're on this subject, lemme add a few more... although i use loads of colloquial language in my blog, i actually do know some proper English LOL =P i'm just lazy...

for e.g., the 'h' in 'vehicle' is silent. yeah, you're supposed to say 'vi-er-kel' but no one does that and when i do, people -.-?? me. similarly, the 'l' in 'salmon' and 'almond' are silent. it's 'sare-men' and 'ah-men-d' yeah. again, i gave up pronouncing it that way when i order food cos i have to repeat it as 'sell-men'.

'awry' is pronounced 'er-rai' not 'aw-ri'

and you should say 'with regard to' but 'send my regardS to so and so'

the most irritatingly common one is 'irregardless'. i cannot tahan when someone says that. 'ir-' negates something. '-less' has a similar effect. so negative + negative = positive = no effect what! should be 'regardless'

another one i cannot tahan is the pronunciation of 'presentation'. it's 'PRAIR-zen-TEI-shen' with the stress on the caps, not 'pri-zen-tei-shen' monotonous one. you 'pri-ZENT' someone with a 'PRAIR-zent'.

english is a weird language la... and all english language students will be familiar with the possibility of pronouncing "GHOTI" as "fish" LOL...

GH - as in touGH
O - as in wOmen
TI - as in naTIon

as well as the following list of the idiosyncracies of our language and the frustration of learning it:

The bandage was wound around the wound.

The farm was used to produce produce.

The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

We must polish the Polish furniture.

He could lead if he would get the lead out.

The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.

A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.

When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.

I did not object to the object.

The insurance was invalid for the invalid.

There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.

They were too close to the door to close it.

The buck does funny things when the does are present.

A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.

To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.

The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

After a number of injections my jaw got number.

Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.

I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.

How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?
I was proven right that I had the right of way
There is no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger;
neither apple nor pine in pineapple.

English muffins weren't invented in England or French fries in France.

Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbreads, which aren't sweet, are meat.

We take English for granted.
But if we explore its paradoxes,
we find that
quicksand can work slowly,

boxing rings are square

and a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.

And why is it that writers write but fingers don't finge,
 grocers don't groce.

Or, one goose, 2 geese? So one moose, 2 meese? 
One index, 2 indices?
Why not teethbrush?

Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but not one amend?

If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of them, what do you call it?

If teachers taught, why didn't preachers praught?

If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?
In what language do people recite at a play and play at a recital?

Ship by truck and send cargo by ship?
Have noses that run and feet that smell?
How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same,
while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?

You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language

in which your house can burn up as it burns down,

in which you fill in a form by filling it out

and in which an alarm goes off by going on.

English was invented by people, not computers,

and it reflects the creativity of the human race 
(which, of course, isn't a race at all).

That is why, when the stars are out, they are visible,

but when the lights are out, they are invisible.

No wonder our Singaporean kids are having difficulty learning English =P

We're HOT!!!

hahahahaha... my dept is officially the hottest and coolest dept in the office WOOT! a quick search through the blogs n i know our video was a hit!! all thanks to a wonderful team of scriptwriter, choreographer, director, producer, camera-man, editor... oh wait, they're all... ME! LOL....

yeah thanks to my colleagues who kena forced by me to do it. hehehe... WOOHOO!

Holey Bodies

Talking about SGNs, some time ago CC n i boarded a bus from work and sat down (parallel to bus type) opposite this GN in school uniform. then i saw something n tio stunned... i texted cc (who was beside me...)

me: look look look... he has studs BETWEEN his eyes through his nose ridge!!!
CC: >.> .... O.O *stunned*

he also has a nose ring a la red bull between the entrance of his nostrils...


can meh?

anyway, about body piercings, i can only accept it on certain parts of the body like ear lobes and at most 2 on each side (not tribal ones from top tatatata down to bottom) and only one tiny puncture, not the types bigger than 50c coin. some people put a ring INSIDE the earhole so you can see through it one... scary. earrings on guys i can accept, if it's one side and just a stud. in fact, my church got one pastor wear ear stud one nei! v cool. LOL. belly piercing ok, quite funky i can accept but i won't do it.

that's it. full stop.

any other part of the body just sends shivers down my spine. that crazy basketballer dennis rodman once tried to pierce his testicles and think he kena infection or something. in any case, being a contact sportsman, i think body piercings ain't a very good idea. and then there are those who do tongue piercings. GAH!!! i always wonder whether they feel pain eating laksa... =P n those lower lip piercings... when they drink water will it leak??? i don't even want to think about nipple piercings... *shudder*

maybe when they're young they like to try out such funky ideas to look different, special, cool etc. but when they start work especially in the public sector or occupations that require a professional image like law, medicine etc... employers and clients normally won't think highly of you when they spot these on you. but in more artistic professions, such outward personal expression is highly acceptable.

so i guess it depends on your likes n dislikes n also your occupation... just as long as it's not MY KID. or my kid's girlfriend/boyfriend. i don't like. if my daughter brings home a "holey guy" whose body is his canvas (tattoo here tattoo there)... i will totally freak out. cos i believe God made us this way and to alter it is unnatural... yeah. our bodies should be HOLY, not HOLEY.

Friday, 10 October 2008


VDSGN = Void deck see gin nah

tsk tsk tsk... for those who have not bought their HDB flats, DON'T buy one beside a basketball court. for some reason, SGNs like to hang out at basketball courts. lately at the court downstairs, there has been an increasing number of SGNs. and i find them a menace because they smoke, talk loudly (v rowdy at times), litter, blast their MP3s, play card games. hate it whenever i have to walk past them. no they don't kacheow me but i just don't like it that they sit around making a menace out of themsleves. their speech is usually punctuated with hokkien words refering to certain family member's certain body parts. n some do so in their school uniforms. i wonder why they're so free to hang out there like the entire afternoon. don't they have homework to do???

Kopitiam GST???

Wa biang, today i went downstairs coffeeshop to the zichar place to ta bao food and was shocked to find out that they started charging GST!!! zichar at a coffeeshop nei! earn so much until they can start charging GST. they have the GST reg number, mind you! don't play play...

sheesh, maybe soon i'll be able to pay with credit card at the zichar place.

^^ but sobs

hey hey! i'm in a good mood today!!! because:

1. the big event at my workplace went on smoothly. i sang my song properly despite my sore throat n fever last night =D i prayed, took meds, slept at 930, woke up felt much better. drank ginseng for breakfast, warmed up w scales n siren screams. then i choked on my ginseng and coughed until my lungs almost fell out. haha. thank God still managed the song. mariah carey's HERO =P

2. G n YD and gang came back! ^^ i adore G ^^ thought she looks slimmer and more got women smell now. LOL. but i couldn't make out whether YD has boobs or chest muscles =P didn't go n poke la.

3. my dept video was A HIT!!!! haha... my first attempt at video editting using i-movie... =P the producer, director, scriptwriter, editor are me =P not say i want to say er... i think my dept's video was the nicest.... hee hee hee...

4. MRT's appreciation programme went well, thanks to YD's wonderful slideshow (the template is v v nice but i was standing behind so could not read the words) and G n YD for buying the present for him... wa, yesterday i was tu tu tu calling n sms-ing people like siao then MSN YD to pass him the quotations from colleagues that he needed for the slideshow. i thought it was v meaningful n touching but ling said it was "unpleasant" for MRT cos i "put him in a spot cos he doesn't like to be in the limelight" ... =(

sobs cos i'm really gonna miss MRT... *SOBS* i wrote him a poem...

Whenever I take the MRT
or drink a cup of tea
I will remember the times
we spent in ***
Who can forget your great sense of humour
and the click of your big big camera
But what I miss the most
Is you my dear dear neighbour!
*hugs sobs sobs* Ann

Monday, 6 October 2008


What exactly do consultants do ha? chris' friend is a consultant and he earns A LOT of money...

i like today's Dibert comic strip. i think it's quite true... n stupid organisations will pay thousands for that "corporate image" LOL dumb, really dumb.

=P Yum Yum

Know what is one of Fukuoka's (Kyushu, Japan... we're going on 16th Nov) local delicacy?????

Fugu (puffer fish)


Pat Chest

*pats chest*

grace said roger told her that part of europe chris is going to is not v safe. he used to have to go to russia for work very often but he never brought her along because he says they will kidnap girls to be prostitutes *gasp!* i know i am a bit old but chris also agrees better not take the risk so i'm not going le =(

Men vs Women

Can't believe what I read in the papers today... apparently, a booth announcer at the Singapore Motorshow had to announce:

"If you are taking photographs of the race queens, please take the whole person. Don't zoom in on specific body parts."


I have always looked at carshows with disdain cos i don't believe these lascivious men go there to see cars. if they're serious about cars, they don't need his girls to entice them. but sadly, sex sells. these girls all have similar traits: short skirt, low cut, big boobs, young. i seriously don't understand why some girls allow themselves to be used like that. is it the money or "if you've got it, flaunt it"? there's nothing wrong with looking sexy. i like sexy clothes too (although i have toned down on these n gone the more elegant tai tai route) but those at car shows are at best raunchy, at worse, soft porn i feel. and men are v funny one... they like to ogle at girls but they don't like their gfs or wives to dress too sexy (oh, chris is not like that. he is perfectly at ease with whatever i wear). i know of a guy who told me his girlfriend must have 3 Bs: beautiful, boobs and butt but his wife needs only to have one B: brains (cos she's gonna bear his children). what a jerk. i almost ran my diamond ring across his face!

and it's not just at carshows. some IT shows i have been to uses sex to sell too. i have seen girls wearing micro-miniskirts n knee-high boots peddling Fuji cameras. the most unbelievable one was a BANK that set up a stall at an IT/PC show promoting their credit cards and they got girls to wear BATHROBES -.- what has that got to do w credit cards???

it's a fact, when u want to sell something to a man (straight men at least... now the tactics are more varied to suit a wider spectrum of sexualities), use a young attractive female model with BIG boobs, long slender legs, long hair, perky butt. sure will draw attention one.

if you want to sell something to a woman, tell her it will make her look younger, boobs bigger, legs slimmer, hair silkier, butt perkier.


Sunday, 5 October 2008


I am a little emo now...

splitting headache... sore throat... i want to take MC tomorrow...

but i am almost sure when i wake up tmr, i'll be just fine -.- then when i come back from work i'll feel sick again... -.- and the cycle repeats itself until i go for my next holiday.

chris is sick too but he REFUSES to see doc... -.- when i force him, he say i nag... haiz... i don't talk le la, then won't nag.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Dilemma Dilemma

Sheesh... i am so fickle n indecisive... i have two dilemmas...

1. should i switch to Nikon??? yes, i am still thinking about this question -.- i really like Nikon nei... but hor i have a lot of inertia cos i am so used to my Canon 400D now (i finally finished reading the manual n i HATE to read manuals) n kinda got the hang of it if i switch to Nikon, i have to relearn everything again =( and my circumstances at work kinda favours Canon... Roy uses Canon so he can teach me. MRT is retiring... forget about G or YD la, i hardly even see them anymore. CY?? maybe ba.

2. Wat lens should i get? currently i only have a 18-55mm kit, 15mm fisheye, 50mm f/1.8 for portraits n a sigma 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 which i hardly use cos i don't quite like it. it sits in the dri cabi only. i think i only have enough moeny to buy one.

i'm thinking of 70-200mm f/4L (not the f/2.8L la... my hand kredekkredek... shake when i used roy's), 100mm f/2.8 macro and 24-70mm f/2.8L

but before i decide on which lens to buy, i gotta decide whether to switch to Nikon first... sheesh...

but hor, actually i have no money to buy anything la -.-

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Prague! Not "Praaahhhkk!"

I was surfing the web for info on Slovakia as Chris may have to go there for a business trip at the end of the year and i will then have no choice but to follow him...

me: wa dear, bratislava (capital city of slovakia) is one hour away from vienna nei!!! 10 euros ^^
chris: wow, that's nice...
me: lemme check prague...
chris: like PRRRAAAAHKK! as in farting???
me: PRAGUE! in czech republic la! (chris knows, he is just trying to irritate me..)
chris: dear dear, so when we take the train can we "PRRAAAAHHHKKKK!" fart on the train???


heng it's 5 hours away so we probably won't go to prague (although i think it's beautiful...)

What's for Dinner??

yesterday evening chris n i were nuah-ing (lazing) around... actually he was on his tummy on the floor surfing the net on his macbook while west n claire were exploring n i was nuah-ing on top of him (chris is a v comfortable bed)...

me: dear... wat do u want to eat for dinner?
chris: anything...
me: hm... wat should we eat? u think hock lam is open today??
chris: holiday maybe not

just as we were thinking about what to eat... the door bell rang DING DONG!!!

me: who can it be? yakult aunty?? aiyer, now better not drink yakult!! =P

at the door was my muslim neighbour with a tray of FOOD!!!!! WA!!! we were really pleasantly surprised ^^ on the tray were curry chicken, curry veg, prawns, mutton rendang n ketupat. wow, that's really nice of them.


Cow's Head with Horse's Mouth

Niu Tou Bu Dui Ma Zui means mismatched cow's head with horse's mouth normally used to refer to someone's comments that have no link or is incoherent with the previous part...

today i visited a colleague Y (who just gave birth) with P, ML, HM and CL. other than ML (who is single) n me, the rest are all mothers.

so the mothers were like chatting chatting... i tried my best to contribute when i can... but think i was a bit Niu Tou Bu Dui Ma Zui


first, i saw a photo frame with 12 pics of Y's elder daughter arranged in order of month: jan, feb, mar, ...

me: ooo... will u do that for the younger one?
Y: hope so
me: normally for the first child people r v enthu hor?
P: ya hahaha but second child... tired already
me: ya lor... last time my brownie also... we took so many pics of him, got album some more. then now west n claire... not so on liao

only HM laughed -.-

then they talked about feeding...
Y: oh when i feed little one, big one also wants to drink
P: they're like that
me: oh, why can't just one left one right nei?? *puzzled*
CL: oh no no... it will be v v tiring
P: but i have seen pics of people doing it. they do the football cradle
me: ??? ha?
CL: normally people cradle the baby with the legs in front. football cradle is w the legs behind, like rugby ball
me: O.O ooo...

still on the subject of feeding...

P: does she (Y's elder daughter) take v long to eat??
Y: ya quite
P: mine also... especially rice... i cannot tahan feeding rice!
HM: hahaha... last time my son... one hour SIX mouthfuls
P: they chew really slowly
Y: ya.... haha
P: n it must be new everyday
Y: ya, everyday different. mon bee tai bak, tue rice, wed..... then repeat next week haha
me: my rabbits eat the same thing everyday *hao lian look* and i just leave it there, no need to feed
everyone: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

-.- funny meh? they really eat the same thing everyday wat. hay n pellets.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Not-So-Instant Noodles

Today Chris had a craving...

chris: feel like eating instant noodles *rummage through pantry* Ah! korean spicy kimchi noodles! K! this one!
me: i cook for you
chris: it's ok dear... i cook myself
me: no... i cook for you... you don't know how to cook it
chris: i KNOW how to cook instant noodles
me: but u don't know how to cook it PROPERLY (i.e. my way)... let me demo once for you to see
chris: DOWANT!!! i want to cook it my way!!!
me: i teach you
chris: *pretend to wail, clutching the packet of noodles close to his chest* her.... her.... i want to cook my own noodles...
me: i. cook. for. you. to. see.
chris: *still wailing* u cook v pattern one... i don't want to see...

well, chris' idea of instant noodles is to dump everything in n eat it from the pot so he needs only to wash the pot n the one pair of chopsticks and soup spoon.

but but but

that's the WRONG way to cook instant noodles...

the correct way is:

cook noodles
drain with strainer
rinse noodles under cold water
make sure noodles are well-drained
place noodles in bowl
rinse pot
boil clean water
add ingredients
when cooked, turn off fire
add seasoning n stir well
pour over noodles

chris: *grumble grumble* -.- like that not called instant noodles le wat!

reason why i strain the noodles is... don't u find that the water turns murky (loh loh one) after u cook the noodles??? then u drink that??? hm... n i think the noodles got some wax coating which will be released into the water nei... then u drink wax =P rinsing it under cold water also makes the noodles QQ (bouncy). n u r not supposed to BOIL ajinomoto cos i read somewhere that u r not supposed to lor. can't remember why.

but hor, don't eat instant noodles is best la. not healthy.

Drink Gold

Since we're on the subject of tea... ^^ hehehe... i recently bought a packet of Macha (powdered green tea) with GOLD dust from Fukujuen at takashimaya basement 2... yeah... if you look closely, there're gold dust flakes floating on the tea. To enjoy macha, you'll need a chawan (tea-bowl) or any jappish-looking bowl will do la... no need to buy the kyomizu pottery tea bowl (although i strongly recommend it la... the design is so nice n kyoto's kyomizu pottery is famous one ma... kekeke... i get v v excited when i go to the shop in kyoto. fukujuen also has a small range of kyomizu chawan ^^) and a bamboo whisk (like the one shown in the pic on the right of the bowl. u need to whisk the powder with the hot water until frothy. my bamboo whisk is the basic basic one... actually if u have money to spend, can get the 100-spiked ones... haha... guaranteed v frothy! macha is best enjoyed with japanese wagashi (a kind of v v intricate n pretty Japanese confectionery). i didn't buy la... but u can get it at Minamoto Kitchoan in Takashimaya basement 2... think it's $6 per piece. keeps for only two days. must quickly eat.

The bitterness of the macha really complements the sweetness of wagashi... the first time i tried it, i felt it was Tian Xia Wu Shuang (no other perfect couple under heaven). yeah... especially nice if it's done in a tea ceremony by an elegant kimono-clad lady and u sit facing a Zen garden with maple leaves in bloom... WA!

Let's Drink Tea

Talking about high tea... i wonder why people call it HIGH tea... any idea? well, i don't like the local fare type... why go to a hotel to eat hawker fare??? i cannot tahan those with stuff like soon kueh la, laksa, mee siam type... =P i'd much rather eat it at a hawker centre... nicer some more... and the tea they serve is those mass-brewed lipton tea =P the teacups also not pretty one. but i quite like the ritz carlton one because they use Waterford Wedgewood teacups (WA!!) and their cakes n stuff are pretty ^^

i like the authentic english high tea type with pretty sandwiches, scones, cakes and an assortment of teas ^^ Regent Hotel serves the best english high tea i think... $27+++ per person (don't know whether the price has increased though). they use nice fine bone china teacups ^^ and the food comes on a three-tier server. v pretty, v english tea... so Jane Austen ^^ if there are any items you fancy, you can request for top-up (so it's kinda like buffet too).