Saturday, 25 October 2008


Still on the same subject of men and women... people (actually it's Singaporean men) say Singaporean women want the 5Cs or is it now more? 6Cs? 7Cs?

Credit card
Country Club Membership

Well. i feel that Singaporean guys need to know that when girls say they WANT, majority do not mean they MUST HAVE. it's GOOD TO HAVE but not MUST have... out of the 6Cs, the most important to me are certificate and car. especially certificate... at the risk of sounding elitist.. hm... he has got to have at least the same educational qualifications as me... yeah. then that will ensure a good job (doctors are best =P but if not government job is good cos it's secure) and the rest will follow. car is good... because of the convenience. although i like BMW and other luxury cars, it's again a GOOD-TO-HAVE... but i draw the line at japanese cars... korean cars have inferior makes and don't even mention Malaysian and China car otherwise i don't friend you k!

but more important than the 6Cs to me are the following:


So if a guy has ALL the Cs but he is not a Christian, it's really hard... i mean, i probably won't even consider him... cos i think we will end up in a life of misery because of the different values and belief systems. we can't go to church together (which means a lot to me), we can't pray together, i can't ask him to pray for me etc. etc. and Christian men are less likely to be unfaithful (i say LESS likely, i never say WON'T) and even if they do, they are more likely to turn back (i have seen examples of friends like that k)... in uni, i had this rather close friend and he is such a nice guy plus he is from a rich family but we have different religions and we used to joke that if we had the same religious beliefs, we'd probably be good together hahaha...

Clever... is very important to me... by clever i mean street-smart and intellectually advanced. otherwise i will be v pek cek and cannot look up to him. in addition to that, what i know, he should know too (with the exception of "domestic" and "girly" skills like cooking, cleaning, sewing, fashion). what i don't know he MUST know especially financial and IT stuff. best if he is a guru. when i move my mouse and nothing happens, he's got to know how to fix it... yeah... clever also ensures good genes if we have kids...

Character... this one is obvious right? i mean, if a guy has all the Cs but is uncouth, uncultured, treats people badly, abuses animals (this one is a sin!), rude, has no integrity etc etc... then forget it la.

Chemistry... oh yeah... important... you're gonna spend your entire life with this person so you better have chemistry... you've got to be able to communicate and be v comfortable and real with this person. this is gonna make me sound lewd but i gotta be able to tahan seeing him naked cos that's what husbands and wives do right? if i get turned-off, then it's gonna be v v difficult... i knew one guy who had almost all the 6 Cs (with the exception of car and country club but he did procure them later after i got married) and he was v v furiously chasing me. he is also Christian and v v clever. but sorry la, i just had absolutely ZERO chemistry with him... i just cannot click with him. so i had to tell him that if he still wants to be friends, he's got to stop doing those things he does that make me uncomfortable.

when chris and i started dating, he was in the process of getting his "certificate" and he drove his dad's car. the rest, cash... i don't know la, i didn't check his bank account... credit card, condo, country club membership, carat of course he didn't have la! but he did get a debit card LOL... and the proposal ring he bought, although the diamond was not v big, he did make up for it on our 5th wedding anniversary ^^

so girls, be more realistic la, how can expect the guy to have so many Cs when you're dating... either he is from a filthy rich family or he is damn old. if you expect a guy to have all those Cs, you should also go take a look in the mirror, do you look like Fiona Xie or Lin Chiling, if yes, good for you. if not, are you from a filthy rich family? or you have something that makes you so special?

if not, wake up la. it means they're way out of your league.