Saturday, 25 October 2008

Claypot Chicken Rice

i had wanted to post this last week but i only just downloaded the pic...

one of those lazy dinner dishes i like to cook is claypot chicken rice.

chicken thigh meat or drum (chunks)
shiitake or dried chinese mushrooms
Lap Cheong (chicken sausages)
cilantro for garnish

dark n light soy sauce
sesame oil
oyster sauce
white pepper

i always skin chicken (unless i'm making fried chicken wings). so yeah, skin the chicken and marinate. measure rice (we use 1.5 cups although we normally eat one cup cos some will get stuck to the bottom) and water. place in claypot. bring to boil, stir then lower to simmer for 5-10 mins, covered. add chicken pieces (pour in the marinate gravy too) and mushrooms, lap cheong and simmer covered for another about 15-20 mins. garnish w cilantro and stir before serving.

chris also likes Ba Hoo (Pork Floss) with his claypot rice.

btw, pls don't ask me how much light. dark soy sauce etc to add cos i use agaration one. grace always likes to ask me "how much soy sauce? how much sesame oil?"... LOL i seriously don't know. just add enough... =P er... my timing also agaration one hor. u got to trial and error... haha.