Saturday, 11 October 2008

Holey Bodies

Talking about SGNs, some time ago CC n i boarded a bus from work and sat down (parallel to bus type) opposite this GN in school uniform. then i saw something n tio stunned... i texted cc (who was beside me...)

me: look look look... he has studs BETWEEN his eyes through his nose ridge!!!
CC: >.> .... O.O *stunned*

he also has a nose ring a la red bull between the entrance of his nostrils...


can meh?

anyway, about body piercings, i can only accept it on certain parts of the body like ear lobes and at most 2 on each side (not tribal ones from top tatatata down to bottom) and only one tiny puncture, not the types bigger than 50c coin. some people put a ring INSIDE the earhole so you can see through it one... scary. earrings on guys i can accept, if it's one side and just a stud. in fact, my church got one pastor wear ear stud one nei! v cool. LOL. belly piercing ok, quite funky i can accept but i won't do it.

that's it. full stop.

any other part of the body just sends shivers down my spine. that crazy basketballer dennis rodman once tried to pierce his testicles and think he kena infection or something. in any case, being a contact sportsman, i think body piercings ain't a very good idea. and then there are those who do tongue piercings. GAH!!! i always wonder whether they feel pain eating laksa... =P n those lower lip piercings... when they drink water will it leak??? i don't even want to think about nipple piercings... *shudder*

maybe when they're young they like to try out such funky ideas to look different, special, cool etc. but when they start work especially in the public sector or occupations that require a professional image like law, medicine etc... employers and clients normally won't think highly of you when they spot these on you. but in more artistic professions, such outward personal expression is highly acceptable.

so i guess it depends on your likes n dislikes n also your occupation... just as long as it's not MY KID. or my kid's girlfriend/boyfriend. i don't like. if my daughter brings home a "holey guy" whose body is his canvas (tattoo here tattoo there)... i will totally freak out. cos i believe God made us this way and to alter it is unnatural... yeah. our bodies should be HOLY, not HOLEY.