Thursday, 16 October 2008


I have been wanting to write about this but keep forgetting...

spoilers... no no not the twist or ending of the movie your friend blurts out that kills the anticipation... it's those ABAS-looking (ABAS stands for Ah Beng Ah Seng) perky backside things on the car boot. i'm refering to those people add on, the super high a la F1 types on ordinary cars -.-

i don't understand why people even NEED them... i mean how fast can u travel in Singapore?? 80kmh? what's the spoiler for? for bernoulli's effect what. at high speeds it's supposed to create a force that presses the car down so the wheels grip the tarmac (opp from the plane's mechanism which creates a lifting effect to launch it). but if you travel at 80kmh, what diff does it make? so it serves no purpose... not even aesthetically k? cos it's not even AESTHETIC -.- (k lor, diff people r diff la, some people think it's aesthetic but others like me don't think so)

then there are those little fins... for lay leo reception or GPS i think. but do u really need 10 fins lined on the top of your back window?? looks like the spikey looking character in X-men -.- one fin is ok (some BMWs have one fin ^^) but 10 = over-kill. got 10 means better reception ha??? can hear USA lay leo stations is it? -.-

there are other v kua zhang things people do to their cars... tsk tsk tsk...

i don't know about u but i feel that heavily mod-ed cars are like people who go for excessive plastic surgery... not natural... i don't like.

just a word of caution for these people who are addicted to mod-ing their cars: Michael Jackson