Thursday, 2 October 2008

What's for Dinner??

yesterday evening chris n i were nuah-ing (lazing) around... actually he was on his tummy on the floor surfing the net on his macbook while west n claire were exploring n i was nuah-ing on top of him (chris is a v comfortable bed)...

me: dear... wat do u want to eat for dinner?
chris: anything...
me: hm... wat should we eat? u think hock lam is open today??
chris: holiday maybe not

just as we were thinking about what to eat... the door bell rang DING DONG!!!

me: who can it be? yakult aunty?? aiyer, now better not drink yakult!! =P

at the door was my muslim neighbour with a tray of FOOD!!!!! WA!!! we were really pleasantly surprised ^^ on the tray were curry chicken, curry veg, prawns, mutton rendang n ketupat. wow, that's really nice of them.