Saturday, 15 November 2008

Blink Blink

Wa, I hate wearing fake eyelashes man... they're so uncomfortable!!! but now it's the fashion and i don't understand how some girls can wear them EVERYDAY!!!

like i said, the theme for my dinner was retro right... so i thought it'll be cool to wear fake eyelashes just for the effect... i tried putting it on (the first time i put it on myself. the first time i wore was at my wedding second time was at a dinner last year both of which were done by the make-up artist)...

i squeezed out the glue and carefully lined the spine of the eyelash then stuck it on my right eyelid... then i look look in the mirror... like something is wrong leh... GAH!!! i wore wrong side... wore the left one on right eye.... tear out tear out.... OUCH! try again... turned around to isn...

me: eh... do i look funny???
isn: u wear only one side of cos funny la... one side real one side fake... *giggle*

so after much fumbling i managed to put both on... but i think they're too bushy so i felt v uncomfortable throughout. then i wanted to wear my sunglasses cos look v cool ma... but GAH!!!! cannot!!!! cos the eyelashes are so long they'd "sweep" the sunglasses!!! -.- so cannot look cool le... cha the sunglasses on head like hair band...

throughout the night, whenever i blinked, i could feel the stupid eyelash -.-

wha, tearing off the eyelashes and sticky bra feels really shiok... feel so relieved... like you tahan for v long finally found toilet.... LOL... so shiok

my shu uemura fake eyelash can wear for 15 times... 14 more to go and i wonder why i'm not excited -.-\\\