Monday, 17 November 2008

Japan Nov 2008 Day 1: Miyajima

We reached Kansai International Airport at 8am and made our way to Miyajima after depositing our huge baggage at Osaka Granvia Hotel. Despite the lack of sleep, traveling 1.5 hours from Osaka to Hiroshima, half an hour from Hiroshima to Miyajimaguchi and another few minutes on ferry from Miyajimaguchi station to the island itself, I perked up once we arrived because the spectacular Momijidani (let’s revise our Japanese: momiji means maple, dani means path or walk) is in full bloom.

However, the whole world also had the same great idea to come to Miyajima in Autumn so it was really crowded but we’re thankful we managed to get a night at the very popular Iwaso situated strategically RIGHT IN FRONT OF Momijidani ^^

but basket, it was really people mountain people sea so I could not take any decent shots without people getting into my frame!!! GAH!! That’s the problem when you go to a National Heritage Site when it’s most beautiful… the whole world goes with you

Miyajima from Mt Misen (accessible via ropeway from Momijidani) would have been breathtaking if not for the mist but still, Chris perched on a rock and took in the panoramic view ^^

The food at Iwaso was ma ma desu (ok only) although Chris felt it was edible =P usually, when he feels it’s edible, it means it’s normal… nothing spectacular, other than the grilled oysters which were v v succulent and fresh. I prefer the exquisite stuff =P

Yet it cost $900 a night… because of the location and peak season la, bopian -.-

Before dinner, we went to cheong the hotspring (what else?? The TV programmes suck at ryokans) and WOOT!!! I had the whole bath to MYSELF!!!! GAH, should have brought my camera…

Paparazzi-ed the Otorii… again… the tide was actually low enough to walk near it but nah, didn’t want to dirty my boots or tripod… hehehe

Our room view (right)

room view (left)

Oyasumi nasai!! ^^