Sunday, 23 November 2008

Japan Nov 2008 Day 7: Sasebo (Nagasaki)

20 mins from Huis Ten Bosch on the Nagasaki Sealiner train is Sasebo where you can get on the Pearl Queen Cruise around Kujukushima. Ku in Japanese means 9, ju means 10, shima means island so kujukushima means 99 islands. Actually there are 208 islands but last time they lost count of the number of islands in that region and hence used 99 to represent the uncountability. Then a system was deviced to “classify” a piece of mass/rock as an island. Firstly, it has to be visible during high tide, secondly, there must be vegetation.

The landscape is quite awesome and since the weather was great and not misty, we could see every island clearly. I didn’t upload many pics cos I think my pics don’t really do justice to the beauty of this place… I need a 10-22 or 14mm -.- Wait for Chris to upload the video k?

Tonight is our last night in Japan =( and so it’s back to Hakata for some dinner and shopping at Daimaru =(