Friday, 7 November 2008

Morinaga Hotcake Mix

I love hotcakes and if I have time in the morning on weekends or when I'm on leave, sometimes i'll make it. But i have yet to find a good make-from-scratch recipe so i use the Morinaga Hotcake Mix from Japan. What I like about this mix is that the box contains two packets of mixes for two separate servings as well as two satchets of maple syrup! ^^ so fang bian! just add egg, softened butter and milk and you get fluffy delicious hotcakes! there're two suggested ways of making the hotcakes. one is the thick fat one pictured on the box and the other is the normal MacDonald styled ones that i have made (and prefer).

eat immediately although the box does suggest that you can keep them in the fridge then microwave for 1 min but i tried that once and felt the hotcakes were a little hard. the other suggested uses are donuts and steamed cake but i have not tried those.

instructions are in Japanese but there are comprehensive instructional diagrams (for the thick fat ones only) and if you can read Chinese, you can agar agar hamtam le la... LOL