Friday, 28 November 2008

Sigh-Way Code


wa biang... i read the advanced driving theory book read 30 pages zonked off TWICE -.- it's like reading fund supermart or smart investor (chris' fav mags which i read if i have insomnia)

super boring la...

i can watch korean drama for 6 hours, read one whole cookbook at one sitting or read a girlie novel continuously for 3 days and never fall asleep...

this one... read few pages only i zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

what 1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear la

ah yo, i'm taking auto why must i still learn the this gear that gear la... and clutch this clutch that... engage clutch disengage clutch -.- super buay tahan-ly boring

turn left got step abcde la -.-

turn right also got step abcde

and now they give all sorts of help:

ten years' series la
e-learning la
tutorial la
mock exam la


pattern more than badminton.

i really feel v sian... since i took the auto scholarship, there is no chanel bag so the motivation is v v low. the only impetus are:

1) when chris is overseas, i won't gong gong-ly take taxi while the car is parked in the car park
2) when my nieces grow up, i can bring them out
3) can visit my mum n grandma more
4) can bring my mum n mum-in-law out (not together)

if got the following, i'd be more interested/motivated:
1) they do a DVD and get a handsome korean or jap actor such as Takeshi Kaneshiro to teach. i confirm will watch it more than once
2) offer takashimaya vouchers for passing (1st time: $100, 2nd time: $80, 3rd time: $50)

last time chris wanted to make me swim length (i always only swim breadth cos i'm scared) he enticed me w Fendi bag. he said swim 4 laps got fendi bag. i CHEONG AH!!!!!!!! then yay! won my first fendi bag LOL

now no chanel bag leh... where got motivation? ... hi dear ^^ her... her... her... =D ^^ =)

zzz... i go do laundry first.