Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Annual Spring Cleaning

At around this time of the year before CNY, i usually do my annual spring cleaning. chris used to help me but ever since he switched career, he has been v busy w work that i do it alone =P and i must say that jin1 ri4 bu4 ru2 wang3 nian2 (this day not like previous years) as i get tired easier and don't have that much stamina =P think i'm getting old hehehe...

i believe all husbands will agree w me that women have a thing for paper bags LOL everytime we buy something, if the shopping bag is pretty, we'd keep... and accumulate... and keep... and accumulate...

until become like this...

still can't bear to throw... cos they're ALL so pretty!! especially those from boutiques which we carried our newly-purchased shoes or handbag in... hehehe

everytime someone needs a bag and chris takes out a random bag i'd go

ann: DEAR!!! don't take the Dior one!!!
chris: *randomly picks another one*
ann: AAHHH!!! not the ferragamo one!!!
chris: -.- u come n choose -.- i don't understand why u need to keep SO MANY paper bags!!! *wave hands in the air*

or sometimes when he needs to sell off his old gadgets he'd randomly take my prettiest bag -.- don't know is it purposely one...

chris has 4 pairs of shoes (here got 3 cos he is wearing one pair at work ma)... ah yo, i just realised we have more umbrellas than chris has shoes hahaha

i won't tell you how many pairs of shoes i have =P

later pack kitchen... women have another passion... it's called tupperware LOL most homemakers will have AT LEAST ONE tupperware. my mother-in-law has every shape and size i think LOL i have some, also got lock lock boxes, japanese bento boxes, disposables etc. some of the more unusual items i have are these little bottles for sauces when i bring lunch to work and cake boxes when have birthday celebration n we can't finish the cake. i will tabao for people to bring home.

my butter curler and fancy whisk

shark skin wasabi grater which i bought in osaka then i realised that singapore doesn't sell fresh wasabi plant -.- i think the japanese eat every part of every fish so i believe this was humane-ly made (i hope)

my salad spinner!!! it's v v useful. not matter how dry you think your salad leaves are after you shake shake them in the colander, this gadget can SPIN out all the liquid...

i put in some strawberries (u can spin berries too)

then SPIN!!! (i opened the cover so you can see the basket spinning... you are supposed to close it la)

cloth for lunchboxes... don't know why i need so many also LOL everytime i go to japan, i will see nice ones n buy. the red n white, blue n white ones are gifts from japanese business associates.

my cute melody lunch box set with matching bag and chopsticks. the the smaller containers can be stored in the larger ones.

my amagurichan (amai means sweet, kuri is chestnut or kao luck, chan is a term for addressing kids) cooler bag

flask for chilled sake with hole for ice. i have another one from hokkaido which is prettier but doesn't photograph as well (this one the indentation for ice is different colour ma)

chopstick rests from kyoto

my lazy susie

better go le, =P i have to:
pack and clean kitchen
clean study n kitchen glass - done
pack bomb shelter - done
suck windows
pack wardrobe
pack shoe cabinet - done
pack study - chris supposed to do since it's his territory
put up CNY decor