Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bai3 Nian2 Hao3 He2

Oh, I learnt something interesting from Kyoto Headmaster-Designate (her surname got Ikenobo one so she must be the donno how many generation of the founder of Ikenobo ikebana).

you know lilies right? the Japanese name is Yuri and the Kanji is written as Bai3 He2. Bai in Chinese means hundred, He means unison so Yuri or Bai He means a hundred unisons. it's a very lomantik flower orh!

reminds me of the Chinese idiom Bai Nian Hao He which means "good unison for a hundred years", usually said as a blessing for newly-weds. somehow, it just doesn't sound so good in English. that's the beauty of the Chinese language. it's so compact yet so meaningful.