Saturday, 6 December 2008



CY has D300
Geraldine bought D300
YD bought D3!!!! yes! D3!!! i didn't forget to type digits! it's DEE THREE!
Roy bought 5D MkII and smsed me, "5D MkII seriously RAWKS!"
MRT bought D700!!!!!


i. am. officially. the. person. with. the. most lao pok camera -.-

got economic crisis meh??? like don't have leh... everyone upgrading camera, shopping centre crowded, restaurants crowded... how come only chris n i feel got economic crisis???

and i can't even say to YD and MRT "u got the body! i got the legs!" cos their gitzo tripods... well, let's just say when my gitzo meets their gitzo it's "small house meet big house"... LOL

k lor, u got the body, u got the legs lor

but i got the ferragamos! HNG! *sulk and emo in one corner*